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How do 197's take miles??


  PD130 Peach
Found a few good comparisons of 197's to 182's ect, but i want to know how they fair in the long run, eg mileage..

Looking at a 197 as my next car probably in march time, and being a poor man my budget needs to be under 6k but any cheaper would be an advantage.

Seen a few 197's with 80k on and then one with 100k on with nice spec for like 4600 ect

So has anyone on here got a high miles 197, and problems if they exist?

I know the F4R engine is a good engine and proven in the 1*2 to do silly miles in some cases, but what about everything else in the 197, hows it fair up?

Thanks :)


  PD130 Peach
can deal with fuel cost... and hm, heard bad things about the gearboxes on here..


ClioSport Trader
4th gear synchro goes.
Mpg is pap.
Lots of suspension parts are 197 specific (re: expensive), unlike the 1*2 which is a 1.2 with a big engine.

Other than that, i cant see why (with proper maintenance) it wouldnt go to silly mileage.
A lot of people talk about the 197 MPG being worse, but I think that's wrong and there's very little in it.

Reason being, I've had both a 172 and a 197 and it costs the same to fill the tank and they both go roughly the same distance.

Additionally, me and a mate drove to Chester together, him in a 182 and me in a 197 and we used the same amount of fuel.

I wouldn't stress over that too much.

Gear box is a genuine cause for concern though.
Mines just about to hit 60k, and touch wood it's all ok.

Just usual wear and tear stuff really, couple of drop links, discs & pads, both front springs but other than that all is well. Things I would expect with any car of this age really considering the state of the UK roads!


  Golf GTD
Mines currently on about 75k, on the original gearbox. Averaging about 30mpg at the moment, not driving like a granny but also not driving like a loony.

Not really noticed anything going because of the mileage, already had the cambelt done but that needed to be done as it's also 5 years old.


ClioSport Club Member
gearboxes are fine, its the same box thats in your DCi106

MPG is terrible i average 21mpg most weeks, but mine is mostly a toy even though i take it to work with me so id imagine i could get mid 20's if i wanted to!
  RS Clio 200
driving normally, by which i mean at the speed limits with burst of throttle here and there i get about 26/27 in my 200.
driving like a granny, and paying attention the the rev counter and making sure in optimum gear i can get about 34 - but its very hard to maintain and i wouldnt say the engine likes it.

Its the gearboxes in the 200 that are the problem, not so much the 197. all ren sport boxes are made of too soft-a materials full stop. I wouldnt say its anything to worry about though unless ure hooning it around, or doing regular track days. I got through 3 in my 172, but that was on track a fair bit.
  Swift Sport
I bought a brand new 197 and after 38k miles it needed a gearbox.

(I did do a few trackdays in it though :eek:)
  Suzuki Swift Sport
Ive had 2 197s with no problems, although I sold them before 25k. Interestingly both had gearbox quirks but nothing to worry me too much. One was a bit stiff on the change at high rpm and the other made a strange noise when shifting at high rpm but they never caused any major issues. Would be a bit of a concern long term but I am sure its down to how they are driven.
  Megane r26
tbh I rate them, I had a 172 and now have a 197. Handling wise the 197 is leaps an bounds as standard in front of the 1*2. As said the mpg is a little worse an parts are a little more expensive but it does feel a much better put together car an I can't really see mileage being much of a problem provided there maintained well.


ClioSport Club Member
  Extreme mode
Blinded by BMW love ;)

He'll start on the how you can service it yourself, then flog it off before its next big inspection ;)

Anyway I ran my first up to 45k before I sold it, current Cup is at around 35k. Both spot on. MPG is no worse than say a CTR, of which is similar HP/performance.

Remember cheaper scrabbier 197's will probably need a cambelt, so there's 5-600 before you start.


ClioSport Admin
I average 36 on my daily commute (have seen 40)

Although I went back up to Sunderland the other day, took the route through Kirkby Stephen and across the a66 (chasing* a monaro) and give it some s**t. It didn't go below 29mpg :approve:

*I say chasing... It pulled onto the a66 20 seconds before me, when I pulled onto it, the monaro was nowhere to be seen lol! Absolute monsters of cars they are. It's made me want one lol :dapprove:

Dont buy cheap unless you're certain it's mint. Iirc pov spec 197s go for around £6k. Up your budget or save longer if need bee and get something decent spec/condition
  F56 MINI Cooper S
It isnt that bad on fuel, when I had my 182 it would average 32mpg. My parents 200 is currently averaging 33mpg. If you drive it hard it will get less, just like any other car.


ClioSport Trader
But it's cheaper in virtually every other way, servicing, tyres, brakes, tax, insurance etc etc

Since when is MPG alone an indication of how cheap a car is to run?

You'd be amazed at how wrong you are :) i cant be bothered to write a massive essay, but day to day, without any major breakages, an M3, bar insurance is not really any more to run imho.

Hence why i sold the 197 after 5 minutes, it simply didnt warrant the cost.
  F56 MINI Cooper S
Better looking is obviously personal prefernce, i personally think the 200 makes the 197 look dated.


ClioSport Admin
Any links to it mate? Touch wood mine is fine. Some times it refuses first for a few seconds but all told its fine.

Ah no sorry, I took it out when I bought the car. I find mine occasionally has a paddy when going into 6th at speed... Which isn't comforting lol.

I do think the 200s have the better diffuser. I much prefer the front of the 197 though, although I wouldn't turn down a 200.

And I wanted the r27 as it was the cheapest to insure and I saw it as a 'milestone' in the 197s; introducing the cup chassis an' all that :p... Plus I could get it in yellow with recaros as standard :)
  Swift Sport
Warranty shmarranty, I took my 2yr old 197 to Renault complaining about the gearbox and they told me to f**k off. So I did, and bought a Japanese car.
  Swift Sport
^but if you had warranty and you had a real problem after being inspected concerning your gearbox then you would get it replaced surely? whats warranty for otherwise

The car was relatively new at the time and the gearbox weakness wasn't commonly known. They claimed that the gearbox was fine and that my driving was to blame, then of course everyone started having the same problem.