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how do i ban sites on firefox?

someone in my house has been hitting the rude sites like no tomorrow(little bro has been staying over), and think that is the reason for the comp being full of spyware.

cookies ftw

so hw can i ban certain sites? im using firefox
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You'd be better off doing it at the router stage, most will let you block sites, I do it at our place to annoy the missus, she goes apeshit when I block Amazon ;)


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You can do this the other way around as well, by adding sites you allow, and blocking the user from adding anymore. I can't remember how to do it now, but a bit of googling will probably reveal.

I done a guide for my previous job but I seem to have lost everything :dead:
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^ As well as that you could make it redirect to a page on your local machine saying "you've been caught and you're location has been recorded" or something to scare them? :) Well, it's not even a redirect it would just show under whatever domain is specified. Change your dns to use there's instead and then sign up for an account. After that you can allow or ban sites based on category. It's very fast, reliable, and free too.