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how easy is it to get a 2.0 turbo in a clio?

  1994 Clio RT 1.9d
i been toying with this idea since i bought the car but wasnt planning on doing it till next year but im now lookin at paying £550 to get a load of engine work done and was wondering if it would just be easier doing the engine swap now? i was thinking about using the old renault 21 2.0 turbo as it 175bhp where as the newer engines from the laguna are 165bhp, but i dont know to much about how easy a swap it would be what else i would need to change etc so im asking for any advice or help i can get!!!!

cheer's to anyone with any advice


ClioSport Club Member
not sure about the other engines but the megane 225 engines are 225bhp but the gearboxes are massive, and thats only the start of the problems!

im sure ive heard the renault 21 engine is also to big for the clio, and assume is probably true since no 1 seems to do it!