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How much do you think its worth

  clio williams, Ph1 172

Im not plannin on sellin at the moment. Just wondering how much my 16V would fetch if I did flog it.

Clio 16V 93K

68K genuine miles. loads of service history, loads of receipts, ie, new clutch, starter motor, cam belt, steering rack, power steering pump,pipe all done in last few thousand miles.

Factory fitted ABS

Factory fitted full grey leather interior

Full electrics (windows,mirrors, factory fitted sunroof)

Immaculate condition, 449 sports blue.

17 inch Team Dynamics Rim 2000s.

Lowered bout 40mm. Powerflow stainless exhaust with decat (cat available for mot)

Minimal mods, K and N filter, power boost valve.

Never been on a track day. HPI gold checked, all clean.

Pretty much standard bodywork apart from clour coded grille and bits under headlights.

Runs perfectly.

Ive had it nearly year now and spent loads on it. Like my cars to be mint.

You can see pics in the gallary.

Any ideas how much? I understand the factory fitted leather is V rare. Ive even got the original receipt of ownership from back in 93. Showing it was purchased for about £14K.

I dont really wanna sell it but I may be tempted in the summer to get a williams maybe if a nice one came along. Or maybe a MK1 172.
  clio williams, Ph1 172

Im under the name Paul Marshall in the Gallary by the way, on the first page of the 16vs.

Its difficult to say. CAPs Black Book or equivalent would say about £2-2500 on the open market. But in reality, just by looking on Autotrader youll see plenty of mint 16vs in the £3-5k band. People buy these cars on condition, though £5k is getting to the limit. Mods will add little or nothing to the value; but the leather is desireable (people like me will buy a tuned 16v with leather over a Willy).

Just dont trust the free online car price guides. Theyre notoriously inaccurate and the trade really hate them!

i wuold pay about i have seen a bloody MINT red 16V with leatherand not a scratch....for abot that.
  clio williams, Ph1 172

Just annoying with these cars when you look through the receipts and they total more than the cars worth :eek:(

Forgot to mention it has a toad alarm and Clifford virtual key immobiliser and is only used at weekends now ;)
  clio williams, Ph1 172

Thats not bad then. Dunno what id sell her for. Would be a bit scared to now as its had pretty much everything done that could go wrong. Apart from the engine going or gearbox. Which isnt likely with the way its looked after! I like to get the oil changed every 5k at least.