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How Much Would You Pay For A 2005 05 FF182

Hi All

Expert opinions please.

I'm trying to sell my 05 FF 182 with 37k on the Clock FSH, MOT & Tax.

I am considering taking it off the market due to dreamers & time wasters & that I have no burning desire to get rid apart from I fancy a change of car.

Given the dire state of the car market what do you think is a realistic price to accept?


yeah its just nobody has any money which has put the market to s**t, with the way petrol prices are going more people are turning to economical cars to
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I paid £7,050 for an 05 182 FF with 20,000 miles on it 2 months ago from a dealer. Given the state of the market now and assuming you've had the relevant belts done, you might as well keep it.


  RS2'ed 172 Cup
Stunty on here got his clean Silver 182FF with Cup packs for £5500 with 40k on the clock and FRSH 6 weeks back.
Im looking to buy a FF 182 by xmas. Going by the past few threads about people asking how much they will get for their cars im looking to spend around 6k on one with up to 35-40k miles on it. Im guessing the market looks pretty good for me?

All accept trying to get a loan in place.
  Tangoed Works
i got 6k from the insurance for my ff182 05 plate with 52k on the clock. id say £6500 dude should be a fair price.


ClioSport Club Member
  Megane RS280
This minute, not a lot!

All the newer stuff i'm looking at has too much finance owing.

Some with 12/15K:eek:
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As a guide - I paid £6900 for a 54 Plate 182 with cup packs with 20k on the clock about 3 weeks ago, from a dealer, with warranty/MOT etc.
  a thirsty one
on a local renault dealer forecourt today silver 182 (no cup packs) on an 04 plate was up for £6400.

sorry dont know mileage on it.


ClioSport Club Member
  Gentlemans spec 200
Current market, 6k. It really is that poor at the moment. My Trophy with 10k miles more than yours went for 7k. Like most owners forums, people on here try to artificially keep the 2nd hand values high. But it's worth 6k in the current market. If you're buying a again though, the car you buy (if 2nd hand) will be reduced as well, so you're not losing as much as you think.
  FN2 Type R +MK6 Golf
Be lucky to get 6.5k tbh.The market is s**t at the moment .

Thats not a cs price either,everything is dead at the mo
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  missmy257bhp r5/ got evo6
i only got 7k for my 05 with recaros,low miles in artic blue so about 6k with the miles urs has done plus being a inferNO its not everyones cup of tea

keep it if you like it mate