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how much would you pay for....

a set of modifyed front suspension arms on an exchange basis for a clio, 172, valver or willy.

object, Increase castor and camber to cup spec and a bit beyond ...
Better turn in, excellent increase in steering feedback and neutral understeer characteristics.

Spec, exchange modified bottom arms, repainted, with new bolts / locknuts, new Poly suspension bushes and full fitting instructions. Lowerering= about 5 mm per side and 4mm increase in track.

(apx 1.5 hour per side to fit with a reasonable socket set and spanners)

Estimated about 80-90 squid a side...

Fitted from 115-130 per side including parts..

I am having some custom spring sets made too (fast road and track) with 25mm lowering and 15% increase in progression front... about £280 for 4 (172)

let me know yer thoughts.

  Leon Cupra


Sound’s interesting, the R,R operator from PowerStation on Saturday told me about having my cars geometry set up and adding “camber bolts” what ever they are? He said the 172 has the potential to handle really well but it is not set up properly from the factory.


A few questions , is this only for the fronts? cause the clio cup has a widen track at the back as well. How much would this increase tyre wear and would they be much better than the camber bolts?.


  Williams 2, STi N12

You can insert eccentric cams into the bolt holes on your swivel hub, then pass through some normal bolts. The cams can then be rotated in relation to each other to give you adjustable camber.

H Tim,


but camber is only half the problem.

the castor increase, increases steering force needed as you enter the bend, the power steering makes this just a subtle but rewarding increase in feedback.. all the way through the bend the steering changes from the traction alteration can be felt due to simple leverage theory applied to the known charactersitics of the clio handling.

you feel the hanges in traction...

and yes, the 12 - as all front wheel drive hot hatches - have quite rewarding potential for adaptation to fast road driving techniques.


Hi Chun,

the track changes on the rear are a result of wheel offset.. aesthetics on renos behalf

the tyre wear is proportion to the amount of go-go juice you give it... yes.. tyre wear would suffer slightly.. you may even get 1000 miles less .. but you will be encouraged to play for the rest of the miles lol

Anders, yes, but this doesnt address the need (IMHO) for increased camber roll back and different toe in tracking settings.

all thats needed at the rear is shims to set the toe in at 0 degrees..and a softer, more progressive spring.. - a .5 -1 degree toe in may help.. but needs testing more.


Captain, your thoughts please on the castor change.

Traditionally, a castor increase would give you a more positive turn-in but would reduce ultimate front-end grip (e.g. good initial turn-in, transitioning to understeer mid-corner).

How much of an increase are we talking about here?


Capt I think if theres a hugh increase in handling performance it might be worth it. But having both sides fitted would be near 260 pounds?. I think it might be a bit too expensive


Hi Petes,

the increase in castor is compensated by the increase in negative camber.

Due to it being markettable I wont give exact figures

Hope to have a set to demo soon..

(But, I might need a vounteer ???)


MY god your up early!!!!

need help regarding a customers V6.
please read your email in about 10 mins!!!!!!