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how strong is a williams gearbox

ive not had my williams that long, but i want more power out of it, as you do, lol. what max bhp will the gearbox take with out going all the time.
thanks very much lads, id be greatful for your feed back.
  Williams 2, STi N12

For christs sake dont be trying full throttle gearchanges as mine blew up after a day at Brands.

It is the torque you gotta look after as this is the turning force of the engine and is the brute that will shear your shafts. As long as it is delivered smoothly it should be able to handle loads more, remember to do your clutch as well though as if this can not handle it then the power hike will be in vaine.
  BMW 320d Sport

Well Im running a Williams box in my 16v and its smooth as silk - take it up to 7500 rpm in normal road driving no problems, and quarter mile it with 5000-7000 rpm, full throttle gearchanges and 200+ hp crossing the line, again no problems whatsoever.
  BMW 320d Sport

BTW one other thing - once you start to really abuse the drivetrain, its always the clutch that will go first before the gearbox anyway. Both replacement jobs are a nightmare, but a blown box is always gonna cost you more.
  Clio 197

No normal gearbox will stand up to crazy abuse. As long as you treat it sensibly it will last a long time. Better to rebuild it before things get nasty. Pain in the arse but peace of mind is worth it.

My box has over 173,000km on it now, whines a bit in 5th and 3rd gear synchro isnt the Mae West but it has held up for over 60 laps of the ring with no bother. Smooth technique saves the equipment.

  BMW 320d Sport

Yeah they will go after a while, my 16v box stood up to 70k of use including plenty of track days, 1/4 miling and fast B-road use etc. The Willy box is tougher than the 16v box anyway,its out of the R19 diesel.
  BMW 320d Sport

Yeah itll go straight in, the one from the 1.9 TD. Only one problem though, theres no speedo output! The Williams box has this output.

A brand new Willy box is £500 roughly from Renault anyway.

I know where ther is a 19diesel box near me, which I think I will get simply because me or somebody will need it at some point. Where do the 19 diesels take thier speedo from?

Alex M