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How to increase torque

Im willing to lose peak horsepower to increase the engine torque and the power curve in the engine operating range, what should I be looking for to achieve this?

Oh anyway, Im driving a Clio 1.4 16V. Pls dont ask me to get a 172 instead as its way too expensive from where Im from. Thanks.


anyway, easiest way to instant torque is nitrous Oxide!
i got it, works great.

there are a couple of theories which could increase torque permanently, but none of any real use and it wont gain that much...and the trade-off in my eyes aint worth it.

um decrease the amount of overlap from the exhaust cam (r****d it) that would be easiest i guess. but would not gain much

That was quick...and yes, Im from Singapore

So you figure it just aint worth it ya? Well, maybe Ill just save the money and get a better car in future..

btw, Thanks

well, you can always mod an engine to make more power easy. But the trade off is always low end torque once you get serious. i know that cars in singapore are stupidly expensive as the tax or something is crazy. My bro moved there for work and he used to have a BMW M3 in the hes got a crappy Audi 1.6 A4! he hates it!!

whats the tunning industry like there, is it very professional or a bit lacking? this will give you your answer weather to bother or not!

you can get a few nice bits and peices, basically bolt on goodies, but for the money, it wont increse power by much at all.

gimie an idea on what your lookin for out of your car and i will try help as im in HK right now working for renault and am importing loads of tunning equipment....i can have a look at the 1.4 16V engine to see if i can spot any real restrictive part of it. ok?


benr, youre a saviour

ktan and i are always on the lookout for increased mid-range torque for the jackrabbit starts...but hopefully without breaking the bank account...

weve basically not touched the engine save for the k&n cone filter which works pretty fine...would changing the exhaust system do much???

yeah, singapore sux when it comes to car pricing...bleeding unbelievable...the price that i paid for me car could get me 2 RSs or a v6 plus a used willy in the UK...btw, whats happened with your rs-r badging thingy? i personally am quite keen to get it...



its all in the works and the viper was fitted today.....excellent!

i have pics.

Oh, if you sign up at:
you can see pics of the metting we had sunday, the body kits, soon will have the viper pics, then the exhaust pics etc etc.

an exhaust wont do much as i doubt there is really any restriction in your OE system...but it would sound nice!

im rackin my head trying to think what you could do........cold air would increase torque.

nobodys ever dont it, but you could link a cold air feed from your aircon system to the induction kit (gotta be sealed though)...put that thing to a good use!! haha

i know!!!
took me ages to figure out what is what!!
its easier to set up an account on a englsh yahoo aite, then just add the cliosport site to you list..

man, took me about 2 hrs!!!

you inbox is so full i cant even get a text message though!!!

need about 1.2kb free

any other addy?

ben, the viper looks lurvely...i could not stop drooling...wonder if it will fit into a 1.4 know?

i couldnt stop drooling

thanks for the pix...did u receive mine?