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I don’t believe its not damaged!

Picture the scene. 0610 this morning, dark, misty, damp, B road, on my way to work. Ive just rounded a gentle left hander that opens into a short 300 metre straight before a tight 90deg right hander.

50 metres onto the straight at about 55 mph this HUGE stag with great big antlers just runs straight into the road about 30 metres infront of my car :eek: lit up by those wonderful zenon headlights.

I seriously thought the car was going to get an utterly unwanted moddification. I braked gave a bit of right-hand-down, and hoped for the best. There was a big bang!

I feared the worst (a friend hit a deer once in his Sierra and wrote his car off) but would you believe my luck, Ruldolph only clouted my wing mirror, popped off the cover which I picked up undamaged and shattered the lens. One quick phone call to the local Renault dealer confirmed they had a new lens in stock. £17.51 later the mirror is fixed and fully functional, with no other damage at all to the rest of the car. :)

Ruldolph legged it!


  Audi TT Stronic

bloody rudolph, he gets everywhere this time of year :D

thought you would have seen him a bit quicker what with having a big red shiny nose.. sorry okay I will stop now

Sue Mr. Claus for damages..

Okay ive stopped..

seriously though.. lucky escape..

My local renault parts department dont seem to surface much befor lunch, your boys must be on the ball to be dishing out prices at 6am

Didnt make that clear did I. Called Renault at a much more friendly hour (9am), but the call only took a couple of minutes much to my surprise.

I still cant quite believe how jammy I was to get away such minor damage.