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I don’t like heavily modified cars but..

  172 M69 eater

spoiler seems to look good from the front and then looks cack from the back for me, stickers r shat and i dont like the intakes on the sideskirts... apart from that i kinda like it :D

underneath all that platic and fibreglass is a clio waiting to escape, the only thing holding it back, is that bloody spoiler

will the clio ever escape from the massive baby walker attached to its rear?
  "Navy" N17 TWO

NOrthern Ireland car! :D

I havent had the pleasure of seeing this up close yet but I got a price on getting the stickers done in the ClioSport colours ;)

Overall a great looking car but I would change it to black mesh/ms design grill/koncept spoiler/koncept skirts IMO
  Yamaha R6

Quote: Originally posted by Clart on 30 March 2005

I dont see whats so nice about it, seen that kit on loads of clios
you sure about that?.. its a custom corsa rear splitter made to fit and custom skirts :oops:

the splitters common as fcuk though.

the skirts are very common, just skirts with the (piss poor attempt of) v6 pods moulded in, loads of people have done it, just just as poor on all of them

pics of the rear arent exactly great, so cannot comment on the (alleged) corsa splitter
  Golf GTD

the car would look nice without the silver grille and the spoiler. Like the second car, i think that looks fairly acceptable.

Quote: Originally posted by jimmy_mac on 30 March 2005
im not spending all week making it look good but the spoilers gone.

would take more than a week ;)

i think hes got more sunstrip visible there than window :confused:
  E91 M Sport

Hate the cheese-grater front grill, doesnt look good on anything imo. The rest isnt too nasty (apart from the stickers).
  Clio 1.6 16v 2003

bad points :


front grill colour

lower grill colour

skirts are nasty

wing mirrors are poo

silver side badges sport wanna be

crap sunstrip - way too big

tints are rude boy dark

so all in all i dont think i like it. lol
  "Navy" N17 TWO

To be fair that is someones pride & joy! :) (and in my rep area too, I might add;))

I like it as theres a lot of work put into it - some of the things on it I wouldnt do to my own car but then thats down to personal taste.

As Ive said - I was thinking of the 3-stripes in the cliosport colours (yellow/blue/red)

Moral of the story - Its all a game of opinions; nobody wins the game; we just play it over and over again!
  LY 200

skirts are as sh*te as the spoiler imo!!!

Lose the above the 2.0 badges and the graphics, aquire some more subtle skirts and then it would look sweet!!!
  Yamaha R6

I agree. Its a matter of opinion at the end of the day... Like I said I dont like heavily modified cars.. which naturally makes it not my cup of tea.. but I think for a modified car it looks decent... Ive certainly seen a hell of alot worst.