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I found a red 172 by accident

So there i was minding my own business, digging our car out of the snow in Courcherval (after finding it) and as i stumble onto the mound next to me what do i happen to find...
A nice shiney new red 172 :) It took a couple of seconds to check what clio it was but after removing the snow from the side u could see all the tel tale signs.

Made me wish id driven there in my car rather than a 1.7 diesel astra estate with no CV boots and 1 knackered drive shaft.

You should have seen the tyres on the 172, the tread was like 20mm deep! Looked wicked.

When i got back in my car today it made me realise how nice my car actually is. Anyone else go away over Xmas?


I know what you meen..... I never get tired of looking at 172s!!!!!:)

Didnt go anywhere for christmas but my car was off the road :((waiting for a part..thanx Renault!!) Finnaly got it sorted yesterday and all the waiting was forgiven when I got back behind the wheel last night!!
  Renault Laguna Coupe

I was in Wengen over Christmas. Not a 172 in sight - in fact - no roads lead to Wengen so there are no cars at all!