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i want a turbo put into my car but finding it hard 2 get it done , k-tec said they might be doing 1 but a need sum 1 who will defintley do 1, also where is the best place 2 buy nitrous for my car and what is the best kit 2 put in mine without changing loads of sh*t??? any help would be greatley apprichated cheers.........
  320d M Sport

see Joe........... oh no, hes gone.............. Good questions though, ive also been wondering..


The turbo is dead long live the supercharger...

If you put a Turbo on a 2 litre engine its like having a 2 litre turbo engine...

Put a supercharger on a 2 litre engine and its like adding another couple of cylinders, itd basically be like a 3 litre engine.

Ford are in the process of developing the new generation of Rotrex supercharger for their next generation of cars and a lot of the other big manufactures are looking to follow suit.

If you want big power then the turbo is always going to be a better option but a S/C on its own will give you around an extra 50% add an intercooler and your looking at 100%

p.s. i was only kidding about the Turbo being dead, it a matter of horses for courses, swings and roundabout and all that, but if you want a good power increase with a smooth power and torque delivery over a wide range the supercharger is a better option than the turbo

GMC will help you put a Supercharger on anything... give them a call

True a supercharger gives a much better response if not the ultimate power a turbo can deliver, not sure a bout 50% and 100% intercooled though, bit optimistic I think, but then it does vary between engines. At the end of the day they both do the same job, ram air into the engine under pressure and so can both give big increses in power and torque. Personally Id favour a supercharger as the power is always there, but you aint ever gonna get masiive power increases with a supercharger, well not one you can sensibly fit to a road car.

Best place in the world for NOS is Dont buy any of that horrible American stuff, buy British. Speak to BenR as he can get you it cheap.

To give the example of my car standard 98bhp @ fly or around 75-80bhp @ wheels

With S/C on its own I had around 125bhp @ wheels

Added an intercooler and a few extra bits, power went up to 165bhp @ wheels

GMC produced a Supercharged VTS for one of the far eastern touring car championships and it produced around 300bhp, so as long as you dont want insane amounts of power the I think a Supercharger would be enough.