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Ice Importer

I have a mate that imports all of top quality ICE over ere for really low prices, unfortunatly i already had all my ICE before he decieded to tell me.

He imports alot of Audiobahn, Rockford and Voodoo gear

And he imports evrything from amps to screens to wiring kits.

So if any bodys got any thing in particular that they want i will have a word.

Feel free to pm me, im not promising but i will try.

Basically this is just a feeler to see if this could work for,

You would send a Cheque to me, i would cash it, then send a cheque to my mate and he would send you the goods. The item would NOT be imported straight to you it will go to him before coming to you so u will not be stung with any import charge!

if you can get a list of decent manufacturers that he imports, thenm maybe youll have a better response

audiobahn are dire, im surprised that anybody still buys their kit
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can he get infinity components 50.5cs or the infinity bass link system? id b interested in those if the price was right

I was gonna stick up a list of the products but the guys in Teygpt til monday. He is currently opening a shop up in Manchester, so i guess in the next few months he will have a website up and running.

and the up go his prices ;)

importers working from a home/garage will always be cheaper than those with massive overhead costs

how will his warranty claims work? if hes importing, he wont be able to use the uk claims departments, therefore hell have to send it back the its originating country, will he foot the bill for the postage or will the customer? will he actually offer a warranty on the items?

i think id rather pay a little extra to guarantee 100% thast any issues i had with the product would be settle easily and free of charge

just a few issues i have picked up on with hi being an unofficial importer

Hes said to me if any thing goes wrong in a year send it back and he will change it.

Good points Bryan, i wouildnt want any aggro on ere becos of my mate messing ppl around.

As for prices, i dont thinkthey will change to be honest i will still get the products and mate rate
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can he get any of the following brands:

a) mtx, b) Infinity c) Vibe

How cheap are the bits

Can he also inport stand alone tft screens for dashboards etc
  Clio mk1 1.2

ok thats fine, its mainly the screens i wanted to know about along with mtx infinty, i will pm you a list of the models i am after and then you can contact me back adn let me know if you can get them
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warrenty on the things he imports might be a bit dodgy as i think you have to be an official authorised dealer or importer such as techdistribution in bradford who import audiobahn to offer such a warranty and repair service