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ICE virgin needs your help...

Ladies and gentlemen, your help is required!

Ok, well start with the basics - I know nothing about ICE except that I like listening to music at high volumes. Listen to most genres - rock, pop, cheese, house, garage, D&B etc and have a budget of about £400 to spend on 6x9s / amp / sub. Have a mate at Sony who can get discount (25%) but have been warned away from Sony speakers / amps / subs. Will probably settle for a Sony HU but that leaves £400 budget for the rest......

Im thinking 6x9s, a 12" sub and a simple amp. Can you suggest the best way to get good, loud sound with value for money. Any recommendations would be much appreciated, cheers.

Change that to.. front comps/ sub and an amp..

it will most probably sound much better.

look for a 4 channel amp for maybe 200, then 100 for comps, 100 for sub?
  silver valver/hybrid

first step, forget the 6x9s, thatll save u a bit of dosh. 1 sub a pair of components up front and a four channel amp to run it all (2 channels for the fronts + the other channels bridged for the sub) should see a good starter system. im sure some of the other more clued up people on here will give u an idea of what to get to fit your budget. oh and your right, id stay away from the sony stuff!

sorry danny, but of that system, only the vibe components are even worth looking at

Rainbow SLX230 DEluxe (110)
Infinity Perfect 12 (130)

which leaves you another 160 for an amp, of which id recommend

Alpine MRP-F240 or
Mac Audio Z-4.200

that will give you a FAR better sounding system than any recommended so far :D

So quality manufacturers include:

Speakers - Infinity, Focal

Subs - Vibe, Mac Audio

Amps - Alpine, JBL

Any other names I should be looking at?

nothing specifically wrong with them, but there are better for the money and personally i feel their appearance is drab and boring

personally i would be looking at higher quality makes such as RE, ID, rainbow, genesis, focal, dls, diamond...

i wouldnt class any of them brands you listed as particularly "quality" in this price range

have a look at my post above, i would still pick that over anything listed. have a look around CAD, but fron my post i would say the amp would be the weakest link (not saying its a bad amp, its a very good budget amp and has a nice bit of power in it for the price), the speakers and sub should do you very very proud and would run great from the amp

jbl amp, genesis speakers, and an image dynamics sub . mmmmmmmmmm :D

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very true :( if only i had a 3k budget

400 as above

Rainbow SLX230 Deluxe
Infinity Perfect 12
Mac Audio Z4200

should sound lovely for the budget

Quote: Originally posted by Claudeykins on 15 June 2005

So quality manufacturers include:

Speakers - Infinity, Focal

Subs - Vibe, Mac Audio

Amps - Alpine, JBL

Any other names I should be looking at?
For speakers I would look at DLS, Diamond Audio, Polk and some Alpine comps

Subs at a reasonable price I would suggest JL Audio and Alpine

Amps dont forget JL Audio, and Xtant

Also Infinity and JBL are the same company - so the same equipment IIRC