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Illegal spacing (Captain)

When I rang the DVLA they said that it its illegal to incorrectly space your number plate and that the maximum fine is £1000!
My plate will read XXXX XX when it should read XXX XXX.
Do police really bother about pulling people for this??
Anyone know? Anyone been pulled for it?

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For some reason the police are red hot on this in Telford at the moment (its quiet here!!). I dont think dodgy spacing is too bad, but on some plates you see its actually difficult to make out what the real number is, which is a no-no. Most of those wierd fonts look tacky too.
  7.6cc :D

Mine is spaced XXXXXX X

I will post pics tomorrow, so you can see how much better it looks

I have never been pulled for this!
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Straight from the DVLA website

"You should not proceed with this purchase if your intention is to mis-space or mis-represent the registration number. If you do so when the vehicle is on the public highway you will be committing an offence that is liable to a maximum fine of £1,000. The Department may also take away the rights to your registration number and you will not be entitled to any reimbursement of the monies or any other costs incurred in the purchase.

The police at some cruises will pull you over for anything, just to stop you from coming back.
Im kinda worried about going to a cruise and being fined a GRAND!


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I see loads of them where I live and in the Edinburgh/Lothians/Fife areas and nobody seems to bother about the spacing, unless their cars havent been noticed by the appropriate people.

I actually think that numbers would be better spaced exactly as owners want them, and if anyone with illegally spaced number plates were involved in any incidents, hit and run accidents or shunts in car parks, these plates would be easily remembered by witnesses.
  BMW 320d Sport

Almost impossible that you will get a fine, more like a producer.

Carrying a spare set of totally legal plates will get you out of trouble and make it not worth the police doing the paperwork if you ever do get pulled.

Anyway, I blame the DVLA, they are selling these numbers with the clear intention of them being illegally spaced - loads of them dont mean anything at all unless you space them wrongly, yet all the best ones that will look good when they are illegal are strangely enough, much more expensive than the rest. Then they try and weasel out of it with their disclaimer.

Just go for it.
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Yeah, have to agree with that, its like selling bottles of scotch and then making a law saying its illegal to get drunk.
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My private plate is incorrectly spaced and I have not had any toruble with it in over a year of having it on my 19 or the clio. And Ive been followed numerous times by coppers. Dont worry about it.

Nick your spot on. The DVLA sell plates the need to be spaced incorectly at a premium.


Illl probably get halfords to print me a legal set to keep in the boot under the carpet, just incase I ever need them.
Should get my plates from GTGRAFIX by the end of the week, cant wait!

  7.6cc :D

Oh i forgot to mention........your car will fail the MOT with illegal plates, if the mechanic is legit anyway.

That was the problem i had with my other cars, so thats why i have legal spaced plates made.

I must have about 4 sets now
  7.6cc :D

I have a very boring plain legal set.

Current ones with Renaultsport 172 underneath and Renault diamond at the side.

Old ones have Ford Pumas ghosted across them.

Original set have Nova SR underneath and are slight italic, the most illegal set! yuk

I have to take them off when i sell each car cause they are useless to other people being as i have carried the reg no to my next car. I just keep them as souvieners i guess.

My missus has got N4MFO, with a digital4 on her Golf, and she got she wouldnt have got stopped if she had MOO5E !!