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Im looking for a cheap radio/iPhone dock?


ClioSport Club Member
Im sure im saw lidl or aldi selling 1 for £25 a month or so ago but missed out!

I want something that i can take on holiday and use in the apartment and htne just use to charge my phone back home!


ClioSport Club Member
  Passat Tdi Sport
£14.99 delivered from

and a review here..

Then there’s the cable issue. While we appreciate Griffin’s price-conscious rationale for leaving out a Dock Connector, the combination of the do-it-yourself cabling and rubber dock insert both make AirCurve seem cheap. Trying to stuff the cable in yourself and then having to manually connect it whenever you dock the iPhone reinforces this feeling every time you use the accessory. This is despite its otherwise solid construction and fine appearance.

This would be the deal killer for me.