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Im New here!! a link to a pic of my car

Hello everyone,

i have just been reading some posts this is a good forum. before i had my clio, i was a member of how things change!!!

Now i have a 1.4 clio RTi, half done so far. It is running on 16s, K&N full cold air induction kit, peco powerflow exhaust, saxo VTS spoiler, 16v mirrors. that is it so far. i have big plans for it tho, like full kit, 17 inch wheels, full stainless steel exhaust etc!!

Just wanted to say hello really, sorry for the life story!!!


hello, hope you have fun talking to us all, some of us are a bit mad and some of us are way too clever for our own good but everyone is friendly :D
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Hi ya mate Car looks sweet. Join the club and get a sticker.

Did you have a Fez RS before then??? How come you didnt go for a valver or a williams mate??

Welcome Tatee! Enjoy the forum, its excellent, and yeah dont forget to join, best fiver youll spend this year!!
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Dont be silly and replace them wheels with 17s. Id just lower it onto those alloys. Look nicer, drive better and will go quicker!
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NOOOO!!!! i was wondering if youd beat me or not....Spose you do have 9 gazillion more posts than i do, so its probably for the best ;)

im going to sabotage the royal mails essex-bound post tonight hahahaaa.


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RTi? Is that a model Ive not heard of or is a RT injection like all the RTs?

Welcome Tatee... I am mates with a few of FT crew... Insane, Louise, Madcatcraig and Snake... :D

Hope you enjoy your stay... You will feel right at home, lol ! Lou has posted a late night crew on here as well.. lol ! :)

Cheers for the replies lads!!

Yer i think it is a RT not a RTi my mistake!!! lol

It is lowered by 45mm at the front and the tortion bars have been moddified to make the back look lower. Rubbs like a be-hatch tho, the arches are grinded back but i think i may have to flare them!! evilness

i used to have an XR2i as u can see from the <A target=_blank href= " page, it was quick as fuk but the problem with fords is they brake down all the fuking time.

So now i have my clio, i am a major modder and i dont do things by half, so this car will be big. I will proper join the webpage as a member when i get paid.

Cheers for replying again!!!!!

ps i am from Bristol anyone else from the westcountry lol??