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Info needed

I work with a right t**ser who thinks his vw golf mk2 can kick my ass, only thing is that its been tweeked by BR motorsports and he has a dyno for 193bhp . We plan to race along a fairly long straight dual carrageway on the way to work on thursday morning. His suspension hasnt been touched yet, so i know the 172 will out handle his piece of sh*t, but its a straight road. He produced some crapy book about his mods and it gave approx sppeds to 100mph (17 secs) and that was for the 180 bhp mod. he has 10bhp more than that. CAN I BEAT HIM ?????????

itll be tight if he really has 193bhp! as the golfs heavier but im not sure of figures! just keep her revvinnggg!!

beware mr nobby nobby, a mate of mine had a mk2 valver - unmodded except for exhaust and airbox, and i dont know how typical it was or if it was just a fast one but it was really rapid. not too hot in the handling dept admittidly. you should still beat it though. id been with him against a few cars and it was quite a bit quicker than a pug 1.9 gti and very close, although not quite as fast as a sunny gti-r. he got wasted by an mr2 turbo though if thats any use to you.

I have been raced by every phase of golf gtis and have yet to be beaten. However, if he has 190+ bhp in true terms it will be close with your 172 and he would prob beat me easily.