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insurance has increased/ 10 month bonus accelerator

  Rb182cup+s2 rallye
howdy 2 questions, now im on the hunt for a 172 im getting qoutes and ive found that they have gone up from a couple months ago, i was getting qouted 1300ish and now im only finding 1600 whats happening?

also ive found a qoute for 1200 its a 10 month bonus accelorator with 500 excess and ive been told that the years no claims with that will only count with admiral after the year is this true?
i think ill take the one with admiral but im still a little unsure about the fact i can only have the years no claims count with them. its still 1600 on a normal 12 month policy.

im 21 1 yrs no claims and live in a decent post code area doing 8k a year with dad on policy anyone else in the same situation but with cheaper insurance?