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Insurance....Help please!

  VW Passat 170 sport
Hiya im 17, Ready for my test been looking at quotes on my mk1 1.2 clio. I keep getting stupidly high quotes off the Net for like 2k TPTF.

can every1 tell me whoever theyre with if theyre in the same boat as me or were?

Thanks in advance Joel
  LY V6 with Recaros
Or try Admiral or Elephant, they insure young drivers or a reasonable price.
i got £1700 with a provisional on a 1.4 mk1 clio, with virgin and and greenflag break down cover included. I'm the main driver with my dad as an additional.
  COLTCZT,Clio 440T project was my cheapest for my 1stb year. but is the cheapest by far this year!
try admiral elephat and bell, and try putting an older female driver on there. Put my sister in law on my insurance and she saved me about 100quid