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INSURANCE help please

hi guys, ive just spent about half an hour on the phone to norwich union trying to sort this out... the internet wouldnt allow me to enter my details, so they agreed to give me the internet prices...

firstly they offered me the yearly price of £877.. then they told me, we can give you the rapid bonus price of £675 for 9 months, but u will get a years no claims after 9 months. Great i thought...

then they told me, as i was about to purchase the 9 month policy that the years no claims from the 9 month policy would only be accepted BY norwich union, not if i changed company.... which made me think. However, they will let the next insurance company i use know that i have had 9 months trouble free, and if i take out another 9 after that (so 18 in total), norwich union will count this as two years, but others will count it as one. my head hurts, any advice? :confused:

Personally I wouldnt got for the 9month accelerated bonus thingys. Means you have to stick with one insurance company and no doubt next "year" (read 9months!) they will jack up the renewal premium.

Its too complicated :confused: Just live with having to wait a year until you get another years ncb then at least you have the option of changing to a cheaper insurer if you should happen to find one.

Just my 2p :)


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^ Agree with that. Im about to pay 1800 insurace renewal on a type R so i cant really comment. Im 20 with 1yrs no claims so...its fair imo.

well, just worked it out, ive gone for the 9months im afraid, seemed a cheap choice now, and if i stay with norwich union for the next 3 years (4 9month periods), i will have 5 years NCB by them by the time im 22, and 4 by any other insurer...

dunno, might regret it, but just seemed a good option, maybe the replies were too late ;)

A lot of these bonus accelerated policies ncb can be used with another insurer.

NCB isnt what it used to be. In the good ol days it was a true reflection of someones claim/driving record and you got a discount accordingly.

Nowadays its purely a number to give you a discount regardlesss of your driving history, we can give thanks to protected/guranteed ncb for life etc type policies for this.

So if after your 9 months you ask for your ncb entitlement and you get a letter syaing you have one year, then you have one year. Only downfall is if in the letter they state you only have 9 months ncb, but I really doubt that??

Huffalump and other insurers do 10 month bonus schemes, and at the end of these they state on any letter that you have 1 year ncb, job done :)