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Insurance prices!!! Stupid, just stupid

  Astra CDTI SRI

Hows this for stupid...

182 (not cup) 26yo, No points, no claims. 2 mods (K+N, lowered suspention)Im also putting my lass on (Again, 26yo, No claim, no points)

Direct Line (Who are my present insurance company) £719
Admiral (Web Quote) £490

I have double checked and everything is right on the admiral quote including mods.

What a joke!
  Astra CDTI SRI

Quote: Originally posted by Big Iain on 08 September 2005
direct line dont do mods do they?

They do if you are over 25
  Cup 172

nope they dont but im happy with the car as it is and saving myself about £200 on the next closest quote

me and the wife payed about £500 on the 172, both 26 both 5yrs NCB.

How much did you expect, its not a 1.1 fiesta!

[Edited by casiodan on 08 September 2005 at 2:08pm]

sorry i just realised that your commenting on the difference between the two quotes not the amount!
  Racin Blue 182

Just renewed mine with Privilege - could have insured for £320 on an 05 182 Im 32 with full no claims - but I took out protected bonus, zero voluntary excess and guaranteed hire car etc which made it £460 so pretty happy with that.