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Interior Footwell trim problem

  Clio II 1.6 3 dr

Morning all,

I have a 2005 Clio 1.6 Dynamique. When the mensa brigade installed my subwoofer they opened up the trim on the right of the drivers footwell to run cable. The problem is they didnt put it back properly. Ive had a look at and apart from a vague plastic hook thing, there seems to be no solid way of clipping it back in. Ive looked at the other side which also doesnt seem very solid and all I can see is that the plastic hook thing is hooked on the rubber which doesnt seem right. The other side has the bonnet opening catch so thats well screwed down anyway.

Any ideas?


Ive just removed mine to run my new headunit wires from the boot to the dash. Its very easy to snap the clips if your not to carefull. The seatbelt mounts help to keep the rear end secure and the front clips into some clips secured to the bodywork. The part that sweeps up to the dash has hooks that need to be located first before the rest clips in. If i was you id completly remove the side trim which i think involves removeinf the rear panels first (i had to on mine), take a good look at it and try and fit it back properly yourself.