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  1. MaxB

    Draft in drivers footwell - recirc flap

    Got a pretty good cold draft at around 60 in my driver's footwell. It seems to be coming from the recirculation flap and from watching it, it doesn't seem to move at all when the button is pressed. Is there any way to jam it shut? Also which side of the flap is visible from the footwell when...
  2. lordyjordy

    Wet Day!

    I've been noticing recently, that water has been collecting underneath my drivers seat. Upon further inspection, the drain pipe under the scuttle panel had been bent upwards. Meaning that since i bought the car in March (and god knows how long beforehand), overtime it rained, it was collecting...
  3. sparklesTHEpony

    Scotch locks and footwell lights?! Where have I gone wrong.

    As title, s***s now beyond me. Bought an led strip with positive and negative wiring.. Popped out the Dome light, got the red and black wires and scotch locked red and red together, black and black together... Don't work? Leds works fine, hooked it up to the battery and they fire up. Wtf is...
  4. sparklesTHEpony

    Yet another Footwell Lighting Help! Wtf do i cut??

    As above, i feel stupid as it is posting yet another thread about this as i mustve read the other 50 threads 5x over and still cant get my head around it. All im after is footwell lighting that comes on when the doors open and goes off with the interior lamp etc. No switches, no constant on...
  5. 1

    Water in drivers footwell

    Got water in phase 2 mk1 172 footwell drivers side removed bungs from chassis 3 of and no water came out. Scuttle seems to drain well left and right. Car had been siting for a while took it out today and now noticed puddle any ideas?
  6. Tomo_Rep.97

    Footwell lighting.

    Hello, I'm planning on wiring in LED strips into my footwells, door open light on, I'm a bit thick with things like this, a lot of people say you can hack into the wiring down the left pillar trim, or would it be simpler to go straight to the reading light thing. I'd also like a switch so I can...
  7. Trackslag172

    How to remove the 'rubber' strips in the footwell

    As per the title, has anyone found an easy way to remove these strips pictured without scratching the metalwork? image ru Cheers, Tim
  8. MarkX

    Interior strip out, footwell ideas?

    Now I have my cage I've decided to go a bit more hardcore with the interior, ditch the carpets and any other bits I can live without and paint the bare interior. I'd like to see what you've done with your footwells, sitting in the car the strengthening rib that runs towards the brake pedal feels...
  9. sprentice

    Footwell mats!

    was wondering if anyone can recommend me a place to get some mats from? Was hoping for mats tailored for the clio and with a red trim, if anyone's got some recently and could let me know where from, with photos that'd be great! Thanks!
  10. C

    footwell lights.

    Hi guys, looking to install footwell lights in the clio, but dont know what colours are pos and neg as my last car was black and red. Thanks in advance
  11. K

    Drivers footwell damp.

    Hi, noticed recently when cleaning my car that the drivers footwell carpet and mat are both wet? Anyone know as to why? Thanks in advance.
  12. J

    Courtesy Footwell Lights [Simple Guide w/ Images]

    I wanted to install some LED light strips into the footwell of my 06 Clio Campus and although this is my first DIY job on the car, I think its gone pretty well. I couldn't find much on the web about wiring them in so here's a quick (rough) guide to what I did. I already had some 12v, RGB LED...
  13. CRS-Mike

    footwell strip lights fell off

    my footwell strip lights fell off on the drivers side. I actually stuck them on the heater blower pipe for the footwells as theres nothing else really to stick them too... just wondered if anyone has any ideas where else i could put them up there? i think the heat melted the sticky tape etc lol
  14. 16_Valve

    Footwell Puddle?

    Discovered a puddle of water in the passenger footwell (right hand side, nearest to centre console) ... I'ts been raining quite heavily for the past 48hrs and I know that there's water coming in from the sunroof seal because the headlining is damp on the driver & pass side. Saw this quote from...
  15. B

    Wet footwells.

    Hello everybody. I usually have my clio 172 cup parked in the garage when it's at home but due to some home improvements I had to park the car on the drive while we had the heavy downpours on Monday Tuesday. Anyway I got in the car yesterday and it was very wet in the footwells. The...
  16. roryb

    led strip lights in footwell

    Hi all, I'm thinking about putting some led strip lights in my mk3 Clio' footwell has anyone done/ know of it being done. Also if I was to where to get everything. I would ideally like to install a switch somewhere. My guess is that it can be run from the 12v but I'm worried about damaging...
  17. P

    Leaking into footwell

    Mk2 2001 Got a leak behind the heater unit when it rains. So scuttle off then. What should I be looking for down there, wiper seals worn , missing grommets, is there a usual cause?
  18. S

    Puddles in my rear footwells - HELP

    Hey All, Every time it rains I go out and find there is 1cm deep puddles in my rear footwells... especially the offside (drivers side) rear footwell. Could someone tell me what seal is letting this water in and where it's draining. I'm desperate to stop this before it causes too much damage.
  19. L

    Leak in drivers side footwell

    I have a dci, my drivers side footwell is constantly soaked! I have checked the coolant it's not that leaking, I have had the scuttle and heater blowers out and that's all fine, checked the bungs there were also fine, any ideas on what it could be?
  20. 3

    Puddle in front passenger footwell

    hi all, its been a long time since ive posted here and previously you've all be more than helpful so im back for some words of wisdom. i have a 52 plate clio extreme which for a while now has had a damp to touch front passenger foot well but i put that down to the other half dropping a whole...
  21. T

    Driver & Passenger footwells Soaked!

    So I was cleaning out the inside of the car and I notice than both my driver & passenger front footwells are soaked. It seems both sides are as bad as each other.How long it's been like that I have no idea. Has any body got a reason as to why? If it helps I'm sure I can here water sloshing from...
  22. J

    Pond in my passenger footwell

    As the title explains i have got in my car this morning to find a puddle in my passenger footwell. Looked on goigle and common issues seem to be subroof and tubes under scuttle panel being blocked. I dont have a sunroof so thats out the question. Now im not the best with cars so if somebody...
  23. D

    uch problems rapid clicking from passengars footwell lights flashing

    the fault i had was clicking noise comeing from passengers footwell its the uch unit multi timer unit, it basically controlls the lights, indicators, wipers, central locking. its £250 pound from main dealer. then you need to pay for reprogramming about £80. untill you call this number...
  24. ali_warriner

    coolant leak in passenger footwell

    As above I've just started to get a small build up of coolant there. My cars stripped out and can see its coming from the side of the heater matrix. I've had a quick nosey under the bonnet and topped coolant up until I get chance to have a better look on Saturday. Any known faults or...
  25. A

    Footwell and boot led strip lights help!!!

    Hi installing blue led strip lights in front footwells and wish to put them on the circuit for the dome light e.g comes on when doors are open or light is turned to on position, how can i do this? Is there a positive an negative wire for the dome light (centre roof light) or just a positive and...
  26. D

    Water in driver/passenger footwell when using air con

    ​Hi all, I was wondering if anyone has anything similar happen with their clio. Basically after a journey there's drips of water in my driver/passenger footwell and I've just noticed under the drivers seat is soaked too. I've done a lot of research on here any can't really find any conclusive...
  27. Matt e

    footwell lights

    i want to fit led strip lights in my footwells, im going to wire to the interior light so it comes on when the the doors open and they go off when i close the doors but i also want to fit a switch to also turn them myself, im going to them to the battery or fuse box if theres a outlet in there...
  28. C

    trouble with wiring LED strip lights for footwells

    Hey peeps, im new to here and hoping that someone can help. having problems wiring up LED strip lights into footwells of my mk2. other half has taken off interior light, to be faced with 3 wires, red white and black, had it all wired in, however, with the engine running the lights wouldnt turn...
  29. chapperzuk

    Black tube hanging down in passenger footwell

    I've found a black tube hanging down in the passenger footwell of my Clio 182. I've discovered a hole for it to fit back into on the upper right hand side of the footwell. Just curious if anyone knows what this is for? It seems to come from just behind the glove box. Thanks in advance :)
  30. matt911

    Footwell LED installation

    Hi i have got all the required parts however im having trouble with the wiring. Im wiring these footwells to light up when the roof light comes on (when doors open) along with a switch to turn that function off too. Now that is simple. However i want to have another switch that can turn these...