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interior lights/neons - HELP

  "Navy" N17 TWO

got neon tubes put into my kitwells yesterday

they are activated by opening either of the doors and have a kill-switch so they wont run the battery down when ther car is open for cleaning

Can they be linked to the interior light switch or a dedicated switch so they can be swtiched on independantly too?

Can wire the + to the battery and put the - to one of the earth wires in the dome/map reading light. There should be 3 wires in the dome light, 1 +and 2 -. One of the - will work when the doors are open, the other when the main light is turned on/off.

Can also just stick a switch onto the + wire then run that wire to ya tubes. Then you can choose whether to have them on or not, without having to have your interior light on

I would just wire it in to teh wires that go to the interior light, then when the light is on neons are on, when light os off neons are off, and the just stick a switch in the +ve feed from the interior light to the neons to kill the power if you wanna turn them off
  "Navy" N17 TWO

good idea lunner - was thinking of either getting it done that way or a simple on/off switch for them

having their own dedicated switch would be easier on the battery i am led to believe

if i wired the neons to the interior light switch, would the kill-switch disable the interior light too ?

Dunno, hence why i suggested wiring it strfgight to the interior lightjust rung a feed off the +ve and -ve to the light bulb
  "Navy" N17 TWO

not sure what to do now - if they are linked to the int. light will they come on when the doors open, like if i am cleaning the car?

would be great if they were linked up like that, but would need the kill-switch to save the battery

would the int light fade operation affect the neons?

Right there will be two wires going to the actual interior bulb, connect inot those...this will enable the neoans to come on when ever the interior light comes on.

To stop the lights killing the battery (doubt neons will do this...had two wired up in my boot whihc have been on for almost a whoel day wiht no probs) just wire a switch inot the =ve feed you have taken from the interior light ot he neaons, this will cut the power if you want to turn them off
  "Navy" N17 TWO

I see what you mean - but what way would the time-delayed fade on the int. light affect the neons?

and will the switch turn the int. light off too ?

why not just wire it up to the int switch... and when you wanna turn them off when cleaning, just switch off the interior light like you normally would.

this way the neons have exactly the same operation as the interior light without any extra switches.

I have some neon tubes in the boot and i simply took the boot light bulb out the casing, run left over speaker cable of the connecters and replaced the light casing so its looks flawless! Working on the open close boot on off function. If that helps :p

Yeah i have neons in my footwells but are just powered to the fag lighter. but have one in my boot to shine on my sub. it is connected to the boot light and comes on when i open the boot but also has a switch if i want it off.

thought it would be the same for the interior light?
  "Navy" N17 TWO

yeh, tricky part is - int light has a time delay for a fade - might just put an on/off switch in for the neons and leave car electrics alone :D
  No wheels :(
Good thinking could be a pain the A$$ playing with it...

But then i quite like the idea of the neans only being on when the car doors are open...