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iPhone 4 Upgrade

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Hi people,
I've currently got a iPhone 3GS and due for upgade on 5th Feb just spoke to Orange and on the cheapest montly tariff (£30.84) a 16gb iPhone 4 will cost me £169 on 24 month contract or £229 on 18 month contract to upgrade.
I have 2 iPhones with them and i am a premier customer so does that sound about right??


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Tell them you've found it cheaper else where and see what they can do.

Thats what I do with insurance etc...
If Orange want to discount it, they can. But they don't have/need to.

If you don't want to pay that price, the next person in the queue will.
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If you are a premier customer, then phone orange up and threaten to leave... they will put you through to the retentions team and its their job to try and keep you as an Orange customer... if you hold your nerve, and haggle, then they will do a better deal, my mate did this when upgrading... he had been with orange for 4 years, and threatened to leave, they gave him a free 32GB iphone 4 on a £35/mth 18mth tarriff... which is an amazing deal... saved himself about £240 iirc.


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Buy it outright then get the tesco sim only deal, 500 mins, unlimited data and unlimited texts for £10 a month
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^This. It's what I did. £169 + 24 x £30.84 is £909 iPhone 4 16Gb is £499 + say 24 Tesco (o2) £10 = £739 over the same period, but obviously you're not tied for 24 months
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I upgraded 6 months early on my Voda contract which was £169 but effectively meant it was a 24 month contract as the price changed at the same time.