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Is it worth it

Is it worth it getting a cold air pipe and run it from the grille to the standard air box (going to change the filter soon but not yet)
Cant see it hurting anything!!!!
What do you think? Could do with a quike answer cos I might be going down to ripspeed in a bit?


  Williams 2, STi N12

It certainly wont do any harm, as generally the more cold air the better but with a standard airbox it probably wont make a noticable difference either.

Ive been reading previous posts and the general view is the the standard box with a new free flowing filter is just as good as an induction kit!
Im possibly going to add another hole in it so theres as much air as possile in there!
Thanks for the comment!
  Williams 2, STi N12

Another help surrounding this area and a really cheap way of achieving the same thing is to use some heat wrapping!! This would generally wrap around your manifold to reduce the hot air under the bonnet (or increase cold air - which ever way you wanna look at it), plus it has the effect of keeping your exhaust gases nice and hot to shift along your exhaust quicker without effecting the pulsing effect. I tried it and it worked a treat, the bay is a lot cooler compared with before!
  BMW 320d Sport

Yes it does work and you get a lot of popping out the exhaust because of the increased heat staying in the system.

If there is one problem with heat wrapping, Id say you only see a very marginal performance increase, and your manifold and downpipe will run *very* hot - so hot that with a ten minute motorway cruise at say 100mph, your manifold will be glowing red. Not too much to worry about in itself but eventually this must affect the integrity of the manifold and downpipe joint.

Fellas, thats just what Ive done. I changed the standard pipe so that it comes straight from the front grill to the airbox, and fitted a green air filter. Total modification cost £40, and its given MUCH better acceleration above 20mph! Off the start its not much difference, but theres a noticable improvement in engine noise and its definately faster!

Go for it!

Did it last night and its definatly more responsive. All I need now is a new replacement filter!
On the 1.2 the radiator is slightly of set and at the side there is a piece of plastic that covers the back of the grille. Ive removed this and put the pipe up to the grille. Ive got a pipercross cold air feed with a large adonised end!