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is the handbrake supposed to work

cause mine apparently doesnt

i had noticed it was particularly crap but today whilst applying it on a steep hill I dont usually use it on, i discovered that it wouldnt stop the car creeping backwards down the hill.....

i pulled it up level with my ear... and that didnt seem to help.. .and then i couldnt take it off again ...grr....

so to show my disgust, i removed a few mm of tread from the front tires as i pulled away with the handbreak still on :)

is this a common thing or am i particularly honoured ?
  Clio v6

My old 172 was at the dealers on a few occasions for poor handbrake holding. They told me it was a very fine line betwwen it holding and not holding at all.

Take it to a competent dealer ( Skoda maybe ) ;)and get them to adjust it.
  Clio 197

The one in my Willy seems to work fine in parking situations but it is no help at all on hairpins.
  Clio 197

Gonna have to. Lots of other things in the line since nobody seems to want to take my baby off my hands.