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Is this true


"Iused to own a phase 1 clio 16v a few year back on a92 j .
Load of sh*te , Blew up with 70k miles on it.
Also owned a 19 16v , Guess what !!! YES F@cking blew up !
Both were slightly Modified CHIP , ZORST,INDUCTION......Both put out less than factory 137 Bhp.
When i quiried this with said respectful Renault tuner the answer was
"Never seen one yet put out more than 125 bhp standard"
Handling wise "brilliant",Only positive thing ican say . .
The Clio 16v with its bits was quicker than the Williams (150 bhp??)

So Bluenose out of interest has youre car been on the rollers and if so was it 172 bhp ."

Taken form <a target="_blank" href="
  mk2 172

dont think ill upset to may people on here by saying it takes a lot of ££££ to get a 16v on par with a willy, especially come 4th gear, so i doubt hes tellin the truth
  Leon Cupra

You will never get a STD 172 putting out 172BHP. My MK2 172 (with 2500 miles on the clock) put out 164BHP yesterdays R,R day and non of the others got near 172BHP to.
  mk2 172

sorry mate, errm i think again it all boils down to the conditions its tested in as different rrs come out with different figures. i dont think anyone can truly test it cos of all the variables, but at the end of the day, any losses a clio will incur under certain conditions i daresay will happen to other cars so i wouldnt worry, 172,s are getting 165ish quite frequently but the owners tend to be happy with the result, at the end of the day renault have published there optimum figures to sell there baby. put mr cupra on the rollers and will he make 180bhp or whatever it is? you cant tell unless they have a dyno i dont think

I think the whole thing stinks!


I regularly go up against my mates 195BHP Cupra and easily manage to keep up and sometimes pull away from him. However there is anther 172 that goes about and he destroys it.

I think Renault have a very high tolerance level for the engine specs/outputs!!!

its 172 PS not BHP, i think it equates to upper 160s in BHP,

the cupra is great bit its no oil painting, or am i "lagging" behind on something?
  BMW 320d Sport

hehe well IMHO this power business is all a lot of smoke and mirrors. Whatever mine makes, I can waste most things on the road without even thinking of firing the gas. And mine achieved only a modest 180bhp at the last rr day. And if that meagre amount is enough to keep up with an RB5 then, Im happy with 180bhp!

I know everyone goes on about power figures as if its the be all and end all, but its not. Id like to see any Seat cane a 172, but I think Im gonna be waiting a long time.

They do make good cheap splitters though!

Did I say a Cupra could take a 172?

Anyway, it still pisses me off that I have bought a car for 14 odd grand and it doesnt have anywhere near the quoted BHP, bit of a con really!

P.S. Even chipped cupras cant get away from me!


think if it this way ok you may feel better and not feel conned

right advertised as 172 but only make 165 roughly !!!!!! so what

it can easily still obtain the performance figures reno quote if not beat them

flywheel figures are bull and your 172 may actually be making more power at the wheels then mr seat due to less transmission losses

for a point to point car, 14k for a brand new car now car is faster from a-b

its not always about power is it

172 is damn quick whatever the flywheel figure

  BMW 320d Sport

Exactly! BTW Teady got a little treat for you mate...check out the Southend pictures thread - Ivan got a shot of all of us lined up WITH OUR FOGLIGHTS ON. and it wasnt foggy either. What do you say about that eh?
  Corsa 1.3 CDTI

Nick It was B.ucking F.right at the top of the bank and I am sure the people in the houses must of been pi55ed off with about 5 kw of head lights flashing into their windows.

I had a Renault 19 16v( it was my first "performance car" ) in 1995, and found it rather slow and underpowered. So I bought a superchip which made no difference at all. Took it to a rolling road in London, where it put out 138 bhp at the flywheel, and the operator then informed me that it was unusual to see them coming out with factory quoted bhp.

Later stuck a full group A exhaust and intake on it, and it went a lot better after that.
  Audi S3

The Weather didnt help at the RR day on saturday being hot and the low air pressure!
And people were saying they were generally down oh bhp that day but like every ones been saying bhp aint everything if u can beat someone with a said more bhp what does it matter!
Like i was down on std on saturday but i can still keep up with a VR6 golf with a quoted 174bhp!