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is this when things start going expensively wrong ?

  ibiza cupra

and then momments later...

should i take out the extra morgage now so i have the money ready for when it goes lol

oh and i thought id just put this up for fun
  53 Clio's & counting
lol long way to catch me yet!

tho mines actually about to turn on 122k lol

look after her and it'l be fine chap


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  Transit Connect.
Should be fine for another 50k atleast I would have thought, aslong as its properly maintained and serviced regularly.
  53 Clio's & counting
the highest miles 172 iv seen eventually threw in the towel at 160k, though the car was still fine
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Most engines are alright for a fair few miles, the reason why most cars start having problems when they hit the 100k mark is because they have had a lifetime of abuse and lack of servicing.
Although it is also fair to say the 100k could be considered a major service interval for most cars, stuff like water pumps and oil pumps should be replaced in order to keep the motor healthy.
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I agree with everyone, keep servicing it on a regular manner, plenty of fresh oil, filters and belts and you can get another 100k out of it...