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Jakes 172 cup

  Clio 172 CUP
Right so ill start by saying hello guys and dolls. I bought my car about 6 months ago now standard apart from it had a scoppion exhaust on it and an induction kit not sure what kind i think i got a good example as it was a 53 plate with 43.000 miles on it i spend ages saving up and looking for a good one. So ill start with looks first then making it handle making it stop and then making it go that seems like a sensible order. so ive got cup 172 matts the aluminium footrest to match the pedals and i bought cup172 stickers as i was missing a 2 i want to get the citroen c2 or ctr arial some areo wiper blades silvervisions and a cup splitter preferable or another sutibal one and spray the brake calippers yellow. i was looking into getting coilovers v maxx ones as i only want to lower it slightly to fill up the arches a bit i only use the car for getting about and some fast road driving no trackdays so they seem like they would be up to the job as for tyres hankook evo v12 or toyo proxie t1rs 205 45 16 ? for brakes i was thinking about some brembo max groove discs with feredo ds2500 and braided brake lines not sure what kind ? and for making it go i was thinking about getting matched inlets v6 air box and filter maybe a decat and new exhaust sytem the scorpions fine it dosent look to bad and makes a good noise but would prefer a stealth one and then possibly a remap ? i live in dundee so if anyone knows a good garage nearby that can carry out the work that would be a big help ? i will post up pics soon of my car it will only be of my phone though its an iphone so its got a 5 mp camera so the quality should be not to bad. all opinons and input welcome and hope you guys can help me out thanks very much jake :D
  Clio 172 CUP
thanks man. ill be taking some pictures over the next couple of weeks and im planning on going to a meet on the 6th so should have a few to put up soon ;)