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Jamie's boosted bean

photo from yesterday


jamies inferno by W33 BRL, on Flickr


ClioSport Club Member
Well I was out in the car tonight and got a crunch going from 2nd to 3rd so the syncro must be on its way out! I'll drive it with some mechanical sympathy just now and then send it away to Agency Transmissions for a rebuild once the car comes off the road for winter, will also change the clutch at the same time and maybe fit a diff if I have the monies!

Does anyone know roughly how much Agency charge for a new bearing and syncro?
  182/RS2/ Turbo/Mk1
Agency wont quote you till they have pulled the box apart, which is very honest of them as until they have they dont know what it needs!


ClioSport Club Member
That is very fair and everything i've read says that they are very fair! Is there any upgrades that you can do to the syncros to stop this from happening again? I don't know a huge amount about gearbox's!


ClioSport Club Member
Got a video of the exhaust tonight but it sounds mighty weird. I don't know if the GoPro is just too close as the exhaust is a decatted Yozza so its pretty loud! Il try and take another one some time soon with the camera a little further away!

Anyways see what you think :)

  Clio 172 phase 1 sc
I recently had my box done by agency transmission i think it came to £300 ish the box feels so much better. Id 100% recommend. And a very quick turn around too!


ClioSport Club Member
Great car! 0-60 video required. :)

Il see if I can do one today if the weather stays dry! Il also try doing a better exhaust video as that one really doesn't give a true representation!

Need to fix one of my intercooler pipes first though! Popped off the top of the turbo last night - too much boosting ;) haha


ClioSport Club Member
Well not much has happened over the last few weeks as I have had no money and hardly any time. So I got a sunstrip and slapped it on. The first attempt didn't go too well with cheap vinyl off ebay so got some proper stuff! Also took another exhaust video which is slightly more representative of how it actually sounds!






Will be doing the TRE's, ball joints and taking all the coilovers off for a clean in the next few weeks before getting new tyres and the tracking and camber set up!


ClioSport Club Member
Right guys the time has come to replace the clutch. What are people using and what do people recommend? Cars still a daily driver but will hopefully get use of another car soon!
  172 cup, Impreza P1
havent driven one myself so im only going off what ive read else were

plus few guys have ran upto 300bhp on standard pressure plate with no bother they says

Its not a standard feel so many won't like it. Not sure I'd like it on my daily but driving to and from knockhill it was fine.
  172 turbo 'cup'
Go for it I've got one from Andy on mine with the standard plate feels ok not snatchy really.

Thought it it would take some getting used to but didn't.


ClioSport Club Member
Well on Thursday I picked up my new run around! It's a DCI 80 that I bought off eBay unseen from a terrible advert so I really was winging it! The advert said that the gearbox had "fragged" whatever that meant but as it was finishing soon if didn't have time to ask the seller.

On Thursday I went and picked it up with frazer and Wayne from Linlithgow. And brought it back to the unit!



It turns out that "fragged" means fucked! As the gearbox has fractured in 2 places!

So on Sunday evening after work I went up to the unit and removed the gearbox. It's the first time I've removed a gearbox and managed it in 4hrs with help from a couple of mates which I didn't think was too bad for a first time!




So I'm now on the look out for a new gearbox for it!

The whole car only cost me £350 and has had a recent clutch, 4 ok tyres, fairly clean bodywork and interior, 91,000 miles and recent front discs and pads so in my view it was a bit of a bargain if it works when I get a new gearbox!