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Jamie's boosted bean


ClioSport Club Member
Got the ride height sorted today. Took the adjusters out the back and wound the front up quite a bit as well and it's sitting much better now. Took it out for a quick test spin and they instantly feel much nicer than the Spax! It also put a massive smile on my face!




Also got the TRE's and ball joints done. As well as brake calliper changed due to the nipple snapping on the calliper. Braided lines and all discs and pads now fitted along with new turbo down pipe.

Cannot wait to get the alignment done and get back out on the road properly with it!!


ClioSport Club Member
Well, I have decided to sell the clio. It was a tough choice as I love that little car and have had 4 awesome years together. I took it down to its new owner last night who is going to get it out to Knockhill and Crail so finally use it for what it should be used for!

Here is a picture of it with its new owner!


I'll do doubt massively regret it but I'm
Looking to buy a house so it has to go just now. I'll no doubt but another cheap toy soon!
  V6 255 & 182 Turbo
New owner checking in. As Jamie mentions, I've bought the Boosted Bean specifically for track work, having got the bug after a 'Ring trip last year.

I'll start a new thread for it's journey under my ownership but will hopefully become a regular at Knockhill and look forward to meeting more CS trackdayers and learning how to go fast :smilingimp:

I'll try and get along to Crail also to run it up the 1/4 mile. I reckon it'll beat the 14.318 @ 97.8 mph I managed in the Vee there last year.