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Joes 172 Lemon

So, Planning on putting all the things I'm doing/done to my 2003 172 Clio that has... a longer list of problems than expected.
  • I'm currently in the process of finding out if the Dephaser has been changed (Cambelt was done 2 years ago)
  • Exhaust backbox innards are falling apart, looks like I've run over a dog
  • Abs wiring under passenger seat faulty
  • Gearbox mount seems to be a bit free
  • Front Bumper needs re spraying
  • Alloys could do with refurbishment seeing as the old owner didn't know what a curb was
  • Idle is rough but not too bad, Plugs and pack have been changed to solve misfire issue
  • Air con condenser needs replacing (no rush)
  • Offside Headlamp auto adjuster is broken and just buzzes away
Albums of the car below
Auto trader pictures and initial work - Couple of photos after drive -
I feel like I have a long few weeks/ months ahead to get the car to where I'm happy but I'm planning on it being my car for a while so time to get started!
Ok so, Today at work I had a quiet hour and decided to clean up a couple of things, I started by taking the under tray off and cleaning that from all the the gunk then cleaned up the gearbox leak.

I'm planning to check it when I get back from the Renault Festival this weekend to see what sort of leak I'm looking at.
Seeing as I bought the car in a rush and didn't really check too much over since I knew the person selling it I had a bit more of a look around the car and found a good.. 10 car park dinks.
Its kind of hard to make out in the pictures but I'm not really sure what I can get done with them.
There is also this matter that I plan to get painted but I'm considering a second hand bumper
Also on top of that the bonnet has been sprayed by a blind man who has never used a paint gun in his life so I'm also considering a second hand bonnet since it looks such a bloody mess.

If I don't go for a new bumper I'm going to get a lip to cover up the damages from the shithead owners who didn't know how to stop before a curb.

I then decided to look into the Airbag fault and ended up finding 5 Faults but hopefully a couple of them are down to bad wiring.
Next was the Offside headlight adjuster that is clearly broken and keeps buzzing away while the ignition is on so that has been unplugged for now.
Also my brake fluid bottle's lid leaks...

Silly day today, Got some new Engine cover bolts as the old ones were shot, Went round to a body shop and he thinks the bonnet will be able to be buffed up so I'm going round in the next couple of days for that.
Discovered how S**t the Landsail tyres that have been fitting prior are in the wet but getting something good on Friday.
Just took the Clio round to a body shop I know and he buffed it up and its come out a dream except for the 3 new dents I've spotted :poo:
Looks a darn sight better that it did before tho
Got the faults checked and cleared but the airbag light stayed on even showing no faults. Had a couple of faults in the abs system but nothing serious. Had it all cleared and getting it re scanned next week to rule out old codes.

Fitted a Fabia front lip and the all important Clio sport sticker.

Also fitted 3 new Hankook Ventus 2s today.

No pictures as I'm on phone as my new laptop failed to install Windows twice!!

Anyways CSS tomorrow so if anyone is going, see you there!

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So on the way to CSS I noticed an odd noise coming from my backbox, Had a look today and the supporting rubbers are both buggered. Ordered the pair up and had a problem with the back bolts, The outer bolt is just spinning and the nut is inside box section. Ended up finding out its best to cut the head and drill out the bolt then put a bigger bolt in so its a job for another day.

Also my new lip gets pretty bloody close to the floor when reversing on the our ramp, The picture doesn't do it justice but when someone is sat in the car its painfully close.
Dephaser and belts were done 2 1/2 years ago so thats good.
Had a couple of other things done aswell. It has a lack of service history but i know its been done so happy with that.

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Today has been a boring day on the Clio front, I decided to take in the rear exhaust mount which was absolutely buggered, all 3 of the bolts started spinning and one of the is inside some box section :weary:
Anyway I needed a new backbox so ordered one form ECP for now and cut off the old one to make life easy, Got the first 2 bolts out easy enough with grips and a socket but the third one I ended up grinding out.

Now to refit that bolt there was not much to tap into and a nut and bolt would have been tricky with the nut on top. I ended up getting some classic internet weld and covering a bolt with it downwards and it worked a treat. Boring pictures of crap below.
Looks crap putting all this in but I'd like to keep track of how the car has changed and what I've done to it from day one

I'm planning on calling my insurance company at some stage and talk about a aftermarket exhaust and the effect it would have with my premium, Its steep enough as it is and I'm with 1st choice and heard they are a bit crap with modifications.
So not got any pictures of this one but got a Polybush Dogbone fitted this week.
It was a slow weekend so I decided to have a crack at painting my inlet plenum, I was dead proud of it until I had to use the car an hour after the last coat, smudged one of the pipes completely and scratched near the Renault Sport wording so I'm going to end up doing most of it again.
Beforehand I thought the red would be a bit too much but it turned out alright once the cover was on, Also ignore the overspray on the throttle.
Been ages since I've updated here but that's because not much has happened.

I've fitted some makeshift washer blanks and painted the engine cover and fuel rail guard.

Planning on getting a new bonnet and front bumper,I have also ordered some washer blanks for when I have the new bumper.

Planning on getting some 182 alloys

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@Joe Smart - Engine bay looks brilliant.
Got a question - is it possible to get the black plastic cover off the throttle body or do you have to mask it when you paint it?
I masked it up but had some overspray from the first time and just used some really fine wet and dry to get the paint off.
To clarify I painted the plenum twice, the first time was crap.

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