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Just drove the vee!

  Engles Mummy
Oh f**king hell, what a machine!

About the same 0-60 as my cup but after that it just keeps pulling & pulling!

I tested a 05, 18k, black, mk2 255 with a brand new QS exhaust (sounded the b****cks)

Met the owner at 12pm@Bluewater.

I'm still shaking from the experience...what a lovely car.

Couldn't believe how s**t the lock was though lol

First time ever I actually didn't want to get back in my cup :(


  Golf R soon...
Nice experience isn't it ;)

You going to buy the vee then?

Just noticed that youre only 19, lol!
  Vee dub
I loved driving the 255....

Best car I've driven.. knocked spots off the FQ 340 for fun imo
  Engles Mummy
Yea buying the vee is definetly going to happen. Could even be this month as the one I drove is going for a good price and is in tip top condition.

Just got to put the bloody cup back to standard now! mission!
My experience in the passenger seat a mk2 vee was very memorable (thanks andy ;) ) awesome car, does what so little new cars can genuinely do and thats be exciting even to sit in, let along drive.

Not the fastest car in the world, but the noise, the way it goes and the heads it turns = excellent :)


ClioSport Club Member
  A35 AMG
Stevie let me drive his :D

Although i wasnt mad with it... (and i hit a bunny :() it was still great to drive :D