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just some test drive

hey guys

Ben n Tony hows it goin? Ben u must be back in Bristol by now ahha

anyawy got a S4 (twin turbo not V8) out n drove it........ had a TT (non quattro 180 hp) try to play up ... run him down like mad cow disease.... (stock S4) actually not that quick just me n 400nm torque at 1800 rpm... top end isnt that much fun only 265hp. Anyway TT guy show off to his gf try to brake me i pulled him in quite easily hehe... n then he signaled right but went left thinkin he was all good ...... actually i did plan on goin right ..... would have been nice if i did have more eager in me n just run him down.

At nite drove with a 911 Turbo. he went for it from 100kms .. i didnt even borther down shiftin from 6th ahha coz just by lookin at the 911 there was no way in hell i could have even kept up. he was at least doin 270+ n then slowed down coz he just dissapeared while i was doin 200kms ...... i had the S4 doin 230-240 but couldnt get intoi its 255km top out

nice motor though i like it but not the best drivin machine bloooody easy to drive easier than a 172 ehhehe. kinda borin but can be a GT cruiser i guess.. quattro system slightly different from S3... makes hte S4 much much better car to drive. a better S4 i would say is 500nm torque and 360hp + somethin more like a RS4 :D!!

yeh i got too much time on hand so decide to tell u all this :D haha

there were other cars goin for it which i left behind but they werent worth mentionin...... no 172 though... just some sporty (not evo) jap cars