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K-Tec Exhausts - Special offers.

K-Tec Racing

ClioSport Trader

From now until the end of September all of our Clio exhaust systems can be purchased with a 10% discount, when Cliosport is quoted, when ordering. This is a special introductory offer for September, after which the Cliosport discount will be reduced to 5%. Systems covered at the moment are the Mk1 & Mk2 172(2 tailpipe options), 1.2 16v (4 tailpipe options plus centre exit), 1.8 16v, Williams and RSi (2 tailpipe options). Coming soon are the Mk 1 1.2 and 1.4 and more Mk2 systems. This offer also includes de-cat pipes for the Mk 1s.

We will continue to give offers like these to Cliosport members as and when new products become available, and should you like any further details on the systems please feel free to call.

New products that will soon be available are, 172 coilover suspension, Clio Mk2 stainless steel front and rear strut braces (all models fom 1998 1.2 up to 2002 172), lexus style rear lights (all Mk 2 and facelift models), 172 cross drilled front discs, 172 de-cat pipe, 172 Mk1 & Mk2 bodykits, 1.8 16v and Williams silicone hoses, 172 silicone water hoses and induction hose, 1.2 16v pipercross induction kit extender pipe ( a polished stainless steel pipe and fittings which moves induction filter directly behind the drivers side of the front grille for better air flow) etc.

Our website should feature many of these new products when the Clio section goes on line in a few days.



Whats your website address?

Was condsidering a Magnex system after seeing the lovely pictures of Telford Mikes car but if yours is better and cheaper ill come to you!



Email is
  Renault Laguna Coupe

Sangy - I think Roamers ordered a zorst from K-Tec. Hes a fussy b@gger so if hes happy with it once its fitted you should be ok!

Have just been surfing through the K-Tec site and it looks to have some very good stuff on it. Am in a real pickle now as was going to wait until the R-Sport catalogue for the CUP comes out before deciding on what mods to undertake as they are apparently realsing an exhaust system in there. Ive built up a nice little slush fund for modding the car when it (eventually!!) comes but dont want to waste it.

Roamer - Have you got any pictures of your exhaust at all? Also is it a full system that delivers a power increase?



the exhaust isnt going to be ready for a couple of weeks, so Im still going to get the quick-shift, and wait for the zorst.