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K-Tec Racings 172 with new bits

  320d M Sport

BRakes look awesome. Wheels are HOOJ (how must it drive???). Spolier isnt too bad, same for lights but I dont like the front valance, painted grill or sideskirts. Just my opinion. How much are those brakes, I got told around £1200!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?? That right?


K-Tec Racing

ClioSport Trader

Thanks for that Jon.

The newest parts on the car are the front lower spoiler, stainless steel grille and Koncept rear spoiler.


Skirts look a thousand times better then the car zone ones. The rest aint nothing special. At least they started to make a descent clio for the 172, a long way to go thou
  Clio v6

Looks like some Max Muppets typical cheap attempt.

Max bible chapter 2. How to make a tidy car into an abortion with 2 cans of paint and your Mums old cheese grator.

Ah to be 17 again ( I would probably have done worse )

Nice roof spoiler though. Gives the Clio ( including mine ) a much needed lift.

K-Tec Racing

ClioSport Trader

I am trying to get a bit of feedback on the parts fitted as some of them are imported and not our own design (ie. lower front spoiler) and I am still unsure about a couple of the parts. The car is soon to be coming of the road for a completely new look.

All feedback is welocomed.


PS. Paddy the brakes are £1095+vat.

I think you started to move it the right direction. The skirts are smart, they might look better if they were deeper??. with the front and rear I still yet to see a nice one on the market.

everyones opinion will probably differ.. facts are facts lol, but, opinions are like arseholes.. everyones got one...:oops:

Me ??....... imho.......

the grill is too max power - read.. young, typical, boyracer ..

the rear spolier is..... as above..... it looks better without...

the wheels are superb, but totally impractical for normal use

the Brakes are kewl, but not needed as the std are SUPERB !...

The side skirts are,,, ok,, but the original look is FAR better.

the exhaust...... I cannot believe some people.. Why the FCUK would you want to add a bit of pipe to the back of a car that has been carefully lost in the design thank god..... ?????????????????.. I mean.. cmon.. ???.. perhaps we can have a man with a red flag as well ???

By the power of my mighty Exhaust tail pile I will prevail !!

Sorta immature Super Hero mods...

The key to modding the new clio is in the design of the Super 1600... the rest is...... just......... too sorta........ boy racer muppet...

sowwy.. but you asked....


And, I wont mention the sun strip !!!!!!!.... soooooooooooooo... errrr... 90s...

ooooooooops, sod it, I mentioned it...... I hate it when he does that...
  Scirocco GT TSi DSG

I like the rear spoiler, a lot!! I am looking at getting one and that is the best I have seen so far.

Grill- too much in my opinion.

I like the side skirts, I am still trying to make my mind up on the front spoiler..

Wheels look very good but not sure they are practical for normal driving.

Well done though, Over all I think that Clio is a very good example.

How much is the rear spoiler in pearl black fitted?

Brun m8.....

u wud Wnak over a pic of a v6 in the fading moonlight and devour the last particles of castrol r when being overtaken.........


I think u r alright lol !



ClioSport Club Member
  Golf GTi DSG

Cos there hoooge! probably make the car handle like a shopping trolley and tramline all over the place!

i dont like any of it!

less is more! one day the little RT owners will wise up to this,

but in the mean time rejoice in the OTT tasteless "Kits" and "Bad boy" products that are avalible,

i did when i was young, and now at the tender age of 21 i now think it all looks stupid,

But enjoy it while it lasts. because its alot cheaper than getting big BHP

Hi Gr,

by impractical, I mean that to get the look ... you need, as in the pic, rubber band tyres.

they are bloody uncomfortable as the tyre is a considerable part of the suspension system, and....

Your rims will last about as long as a short thing...:eek: - a pothole that would normally give you a jolt will probably give you a repair bill.


I like it... Its a show car for Ktec and I think it will do that job well. I dont think its too over the top, the lowered look is much better although Im not a fan of big wheels. The silver grill gets rid of the nasty plastic look it has as standard and the spoiler makes a nice change.

Have to admit that I would have left the rear clusters standard too but overall it gets the thumbs up from my corner.

I hate the side skirts, make it look so cheap along with the grille I think. Boy-racerish even...... we dont want to be in the same category as Novas surely ?????

The rear clusters look nice on the silver but why do they use white adhesive to construct these lights when surely clear would look much neater ?

Anyway, the rear spoiler is ok but I dont like the front splitter much. I prefer the clean look of the original I have to be honest.

The wheels are HOUGE but I am not too keen on those designs either, maybe I should have held off posting this !?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Just my opinion but it does look like a MAX POWER car and that is not what I would want my car to look like to be honest.........

.The front skirt looks too much like an add on, would much rather see it follow or exentuate the oringinal lines of the car.

Like the spoiler, however I think a racing spoiler such as that on the Super 1600 would suit it better.

I definitely dislike the steel grill. Would much prefer a black mesh grill like that by ms designs, but recessed into the car by about an inch. Would make the front look much more aggressive.

I think its looks well done but styling wise it seems to show K-tecs R5 GTTurbo roots! I can just imagine a R5 with a similar type of look .... horses for courses i think....
  Abarth 595 Trufeo

I tend to agree with Outkast

but we have to remember that K-Tech is a business and modifying cars is big business.

The way I look at it is - take the best car available in the range (ie) 172.


so that all the teenage boys get erections over it and than go and spend all their money with K-Tech trying to get their 1.2 etc etc.... to look the same.

We might not all like the car but if we did surely the whole world would be driving around in the same thing. BORING!!

I have changed a few things on my 172 that I felt needed doing - I have put on a new exhaust and a different rear spoiler as I felt the back of the car lacked something and looked exactly like any other - so in my eyes I have improved my car.

Surely it all comes down to individual taste.
  Lionel Richie

BTW Captain???? when you wack the turbo lump in, your going to be using the std exhaust????? All cause you dont like a zaust poking out the back?????
  Clio v6

Well I just love these posts. I think its great to read peoples differing opinions. Im sure K-tec is pleased with the overall response.

Thank goodness the car was just done using Photoshop ( a great tool in saving many man hours and thousands of £s ) Now you can decide which items to really put on the car.
  Clio v6

Well I didnt really think anyone in their right mind would throw all that crap at a Clio for real, but of course there may just be a tiny chance someone did.

However if this mess is for real, the car probably wouldnt even go round the same bend the "Creator" must have been round.

Oh but I say it again, I do like the roof spoiler.

lol matt

i was gonna say was this done in photoshop, but thought itd be abit cheeky :eek:

If the car was offered to me, id take it

but it wouldnt be a style of pref.

Give that thing some wings and flaps, u might take off!

HI Fred, re the turbo exhaust, initially the std system will be used with decat for minimal back pressure , probably all front boxes straight through too.

When it becomes necessary to change it (and IF), I will have a system made to my spec. and, yes, it will exit under the car .. not via a wart on the backside lol...


The wheels are nice, as is the suspension drop....but as Captain said, hardly practical for everyday use. The brakes look superb, but the standard ones are more than adequate! But then I spose this has to be a show car for K-Tec and therefore a little mad.

Cant say I like the styling at all. The front spoiler and side skirts look like theyve come off a Nova and dont suit the car at all. The rear wing is not bad but again, its way too angular in its styling and doesnt compliment the original styling of the car. Overall, the styling appears to be going down the MaxyP/Jap-stylee which appears to be the current trend.....each to their own!

The front grille is not a bad attempt but looks rather tacky in all that shiny stainless. IMHO a far better replacement grille is the Steffanson one, which uses high-quality meshing, much like that used by Audi/VW. How about developing a grille along those lines K-TEC?

Again, IMHO the best cars are the most subtle ones, the ones that make you look twice and then youre gob-smacked at the level of detail. The Golf boyz know the score - take a look at the Euro-styled Premier show cars... ">

I like the side skirts and the rear spoiler. again the front grille looks cheap(doesnt seem to fit to well which isnt helping the cause) i tend to agree that a mesh one would be better. Front spoiler is nice bit impratical for where I live (toooooo many speed bumps)

As for the zhorst. got one like that myself. Old one sounded puny. (each to there own.)

Like it or loath it gets people talking, which is what a show car is supposed to do.


K-Tec Racing

ClioSport Trader

Thanks for the feedback so far. As a couple of you have mentioned it is a demo car for us whcih means we have to put as many new parts on one car as possible to show what we offer, even if it does mean a couple of parts may look out of place.

We have acouple of more parts to go on the car before it comes off the road for a complete makeover ( Joe, I think you will like the next look) and once that is done we will put the new pics up for you all to look at.

Kepp the comments coming.