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kevs 172

  ibiza cupra
gave it a bit more tlc today lol, did the speedo sensor as the speedo kept stopping and starting, and finally got round to changing the upper gearbox mount and drivers side engine mount. heres some pics :D










thats the easy bit done lol,
supported the engine with a jack and a bit of wood and when i took the cam pullie cover off, was greeted with this...



even under it was foooked lol



didnt get a pic of it finished but you get the idea lol
now for the gear box mount (gulps)



bolt hiding under here too :mad:



not too bad but still needed doing as there was a nice bulge on the side of it and the thread was slightly bent.

after dropping the bolt about a million times, i took the tray out and straitened up the thread, then put it back together again.

havent taken it out yet so not sure wether there are any knocks or anything but im off to my sisters tonight so i will report back afterwards. hopfully it will feel like a new car :D
  Clio RS1
very nice car ! great job man !!

Can you tell me where did you get your front polished strut brace ?? I'm looking for the same strut brace but I only get the red OMP !

thanks :)
  ibiza cupra
Good work.

How the hell did you get to that bolt underneath? All that happened for me was the thread was spinning and spinning!
luckily (or not lol) it was already loose:dead:. so just did it by hand then dropped the bloody thing :mad:. but you can get an 18mm spanner in there with a bit of jiggery pokery
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ClioSport Moderator
LOL! Cheers mate, mine is toight at feck, all that happens when I turn the top nut is the rubbed flex's around and when you let the spanner go, it pings back.

Did supporting the engine from the sump give you enough support on the gearbox side to take that mount off no problem?
  ibiza cupra
na, i suported it under the sump for the engine mount and under the gearbox/clutch for the gearboxmount.
if you can get the bottom nut off from under the tray then the tread will lift out with the mount then you can get it in a vice or something to get the other nut off. cafefull not to damage the thread though or you will need to use a tap and die set to get the tread back or spend £22 on a new one that you will have to wait 3 days for lol. if you do use a vice, wrap the thread in some cloth to stop it getting damaged. hope this helps mate.


ClioSport Moderator
So I could just technically spin the whole thread out? I like the sound of this! lol!

Undo the mount bolts, cloth, pair of mole grips, spin thread and the whole lot comes out?

I hope you don't mind mate, but I'm currently trying to sort out something with the Cliosport guides and your pics and post in general I could use to make a few guides I don't think we currently have :)
  ibiza cupra
nah, the thread wont spin out because there is a sleeve type thing that would stop it (if you look at the 2nd and 3rd picture from last you can see the end of it coming out of the rubber mount, its attached to the thread and dosnt come off). you need to undo the two 13mm nuts and the bottom 18mm nut under the mount. the bolts will fall through the other side on the 2 smaller ones so try to catch them before they do. then undo the 18mm nut on the bottom thread which is underneath the mount. then the mount and the thread will come out in one piece but you need to remover the thread from the mount so you can use it with the new one. to remove it you need to undo the top 18mm nut (the one you are having problems with because the rubber is twisting). so to get that nut off you need to put the lower end of the thread in a vice as this is what the top nut is bolted to. once that nut is off, tap the thread out with a hammer and bobs your aunty.
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  Clio RS1
cheers mate :approve:
k tec racing do them poleshed strut braces, took ages to come though lol. my missis orderd it last jan i think and it came last may. they dont keep them in stock and are are to order i beleve. they do come on here in the for sale section every now and then too.

never mind, I'll take the red OMP...don't wanna wait again lol

actually i've ordered the GAZ Shocks coilover from ktec racing and they told me I'll wait about 4 weeks before they get them...:mad:
  ibiza cupra

never mind, I'll take the red OMP...don't wanna wait again lol

actually i've ordered the GAZ Shocks coilover from ktec racing and they told me I'll wait about 4 weeks before they get them...:mad:
looking at that site again, it has a picture of a polished front brace but the decription says it for a rear brace:S.
  Clio RS1
looking at that site again, it has a picture of a polished front brace but the decription says it for a rear brace:S.
yes exactly I saw that...but when I emailed ktec they confirmed be no front brace was available for the moment.
  Ph1 172
Hi firstly wow great thread. I've just started looking for a 172. Have never been keen on black cars but yours is simply stunning, so may consider one now lol

keep up the good work :D
  ibiza cupra
cheers fellas, :)
i got the badges from renault through work but it still cost £32 for it :(

not sure which direction to go now as i had a play with a friend of mine who has a civic type R and he wiped the floor with me. so i wanted to swap it for a megane 225 but he raced one of them and was level with that. hes only got an indution kit on it (although it is a £400 one lol.)

i dont know what to do now. and if i sell, i dont know what to get because my megane dreams have been shattered.
  ibiza cupra
quick progress report, ive decided to keep the lil clio for a bit as i have realised that although its not the quickest car in the world, it still puts a smile on my face every time i drive it which means more to me to be honest. if i get rid of it then i have a feeling that i would regret it so ive decided to get a bike licence and bike to saticfy my speed needs and keep the clio as my 4 wheeled fun so once ive got my bike and stuff, ill spend a few pennys on the clio but for now ive just got this to help with some hot air issues

also stripped it out a bit (for the 3rd time lol)

recently changed the cooling temp sensor as i thought that might be causing the miss fire and 2k burble when cold. dosnt seem to miss anymore but the burble is still there so im starting to think that it is because i have a decat and when cold it is playing with the mixture or something.
  ibiza cupra
another bit of progress.
as the gaffer is on holiday for 3 weeks, i thought i would refib my wheels properly. did them a little while ago to tidy them up but it was time to do them right again
cleaning the insides back to white again lol






etch primer


tack ragging them off

wet on wet primer



dried primer


hs white :)




on the car






i prepped them up and my mate painted them for me as he is a bit more skilled with a gun so i thought id let him do it lol.
hoping to repaint the bumpers and bonnet again soon as there are a few chips on them (understatement) then im thinking of getting it cammed and getting some coilies on it :)
  ibiza cupra
right , abit more progress lol.
started on the standard induction box today. heres the pics












ive also had an idea so nicked this off a rightoff thats just about to be crushed.


and after a bit of modification





going to tidy the edges properly and paint it up the same as the air box to make it look pretty too. it probly wont make any difference at all but in the words of tescos, every little helps.
  ibiza cupra
yeah, let me know about the rr day. i will definatly be up for that.
haha, ill have a word with the painter but i think i know what he will say lol.
Some lovely work there ,i want to get into body repair/spraying but i live in spain and theres very few body repair shops round here and they are not really professional, how did you learn ? Im thinking of just buying compressor, gun etc and learning my self but there is no 'actual way' is there.? Oh and i love the white rims too.
  ibiza cupra
cheers mate. im glad i kept them white.

i got into it when i left school. not sure if they do it over there but in england they teach it in college so i did that for 3 years.
i also got a job in a body shop whilst doing college which helped me gain the experience that also important when getting a job.
but i would advise anyone who wants to join the trade to reconsider as it is not all its cracked up to be and compared to other trades ie electrician, carpenter, plumber etc the wages are crap.
im on the same wage as a friend of mine who works at a local diy store. i have a level 1,2 &3 gnvq in both paint and body and have 5-6 years experience behind me. he is 8 years younger than me, no experiance and no qualifications worth mentioning and he walked into the job but maybe its because i work for a crap company lol.
Lol very true, i think its because in england there is so much competition between businesses and everywhere jus gets cheaper, but here in spain its not like that everything is still so expensive (except fags n booze lol) e.g i bought my car 3 months ago for 3,900 euro which is £3250 (1.2 16v 2002) and needs a lot of work done on it when i can get a newer better condition fewer miles etc for 2500 lol also a v6 clio here is 30,000 euros hmm one day. Anyway yeh my dad actually wants to start the business here and i just get payed then ill take it over, i would love to do it.
  ibiza cupra
if you are going to end up owning the business then i say go for it mate. thats the only way to make any real money out of it now.
  ibiza cupra
Love it all except the blue bits on the polish guard :( IMO would look alot better without.
tbh i only really did that to bring in the blue on the samco pipe. if i had got hold of a black one then it would have either been black or fully poleshed.
  ibiza cupra
bit more painting today, just did the snorkel type airfeed to match the rest. nothing that exciting lol.






just waiting on the pipercross graphics now.
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