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Khumo tyres

Ill try this post again as the forum clock screwed it up last time.

I am buying a wheel and tyre package soon on a somewhat limited budget. The company have offered me either Khumo tyres or for an extra £5 per corner, Falkens.

Anyone heard of Khumo (theyre Japanese right?) and any opinion on which I should get?


Hi m8, I dunna post on this forum but thought I would this time cus im runnin on Khumo tyres.

To be honest m8, my personal opinion is that the Khumo tyres aint bad in the dry but theyre terrible in the wet :(. On the other hand though, I dont know what the Falcens are like so its entirely up to you ;)

Hope this helps a bit.

good kumhos are fine, lots or yanks use them on their street draggers.....but make sure they are not crappy economy or semi-sporting ones.

Yup, Ive had Kuhmos before and I agree with DannyClios post above. Okay in dry, really bad in the wet. Mind you, I also had some Falkens at one point and hated them as much as the Kumhos!


Kuhmo...also make Marshall tyres!!

Ive got Falkners on mi Scoob :( hard wearing YES..but pants in the wet and when i Did Donnington the other month i didnt have the confidance to really go for it on bends!!! (in the dry!)

If you can spend a bit Extra and get Better quality Falkners go for them..mine are the 502s

dont skimp on your Tyres..if you havnt enought money this week...wait til next!!!