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Knocking when steering?

  clio 1.4 16v
As title says... i'm gettin the odd knock when i'm on full lock n its starting to worry me! should i be worried? is the car ok to drive? any help would be appreciated, Thanks
  vers le haut doigt milieu
Does sound like a MacPherson issue, read the MacPherson Strut section in this web site and it may become clear:

This is the part your looking for incase you can't find it:

Quote Car bibles:

"When you steer, it physically twists the strut and shock absorber housing (and consequently the spring) to turn the wheel. Simple. The spring is seated in a special plate at the top of the assembly which allows this twisting to take place. If the spring or this plate are worn, you'll get a loud 'clonk' on full lock as the spring frees up and jumps into place. This is sometimes confused for CV joint knock. "

Hope this helps.
  clio 1.4 16v
That sort of makes sense to me now as i've just had new sprigs put on the car last week, is it safe to drive?
  Clio 2.0 172
Ye should be fine, but dont race it around and things just be good with it and get it into someone to see asap.