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KTR Decat

  Clio 182 - RB
Hi all,

I have the KTR / Janspeed exhaust system for my Clio 182;

Looking at getting the KTR Decat;

Few questions;
- Will any lights come on the dash?
- Will it make it 'that much' louder?
- What are peoples opinions on this decat?

Main reason in getting a decat is that my cat scrapes on speed bumps which is highly annoying.

Also does anybody recommend changing anything else whilst fitting the decat?



ClioSport Club Member
  182, 330ci Clubsport
I have the same exhaust and also the same decat on my 182, my exhaust is the Sports version so it has the silenced centre section. They were on the car when I bought it (November).

To try and give you some useful information:

Lights on the dash - This one seems a bit hit and miss. The light you might get is the EML in the bottom right corner of the dash, but after reading lots of related threads, some people get it and some people don't. The second lambda sensor screws into the cat and basically reads whether the air is cleaner than the air being read by the pre cat lambda sensor. When the cat is in place (and working correctly) with both lambdas then obviously no EML light on the dash. When you fit the decat, the general consensus is to leave the second lambda plugged into the car (electrically) but just cable tie the sensor end up somewhere so that it is just reading fresh air. The ECU then thinks the cat is working and no EML light is thrown up. However, I've also read quite a few threads where people have done this but still have the light on, or the light comes on intermittently. The other option is to have no second lambda on the car at all, but this will almost certainly throw the light on. My light has been on since I bought the car due to the second lambda not being connected to the car by the previous owner (it's still screwed into the cat in the garage). I've just changed my pre cat lambda today (car seemed a little bit down on MPG compared to many posts), so I plugged the old lambda into the second lambda position and cable tied the sensor out of the way. The light is still on the dash but I need to get it cancelled out via OBD and then see if it comes back on.

Noise - My decat was on the car when I bought it, so I can't compare to standard sorry. But what I can tell you is that it's not too loud at all when pootling, not drony when cruising, but sounds awesome when you boot it. I considered changing the centre section for the unsilenced Supersports version, but decided against it as I think my setup is perfect for me - it's quiet enough when I want it be, and loud enough when I give it beans. Sound is a matter of personal taste though and these are my opinions.

Opinion on the decat - tbh as far as I'm concerned decats are much of a muchness, it's a straight pipe so you can't really go wrong. The stainless steel appears to be of a good quality, the bore matches to the KTR exhaust for good flow, the flanges look fine, jobs a good 'un. (The one you've linked to though is for a 172 running a 182 manifold, you'll need the one below that on the KTR website for 182).

Only other obvious point is that you will need to refit your cat for MOT time, or know a friendly MOT tester :wink:

Sorry for the essay lol, but hope this helps!


ClioSport Club Member
  182, 330ci Clubsport

I'm only in Crewe if you want to meet up somewhere and have a listen first hand.