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Lack of Clios for sale

Isnt it funny, you join a club dedicated to clios, with a website dedicated for discussion of clios. It also has a section entitled "For Sale", and a section for "Wanted".

Yet I hardly ever see any clios for sale!

This has gotta be cos the car is so dam popular, and so dam good that no one wants to sell theirs! (unless theyre getting an evo V)

Just see how many dam fiestas and escorts there are for sale these days!

Arent we lucky?


ClioSport Club Member
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I think clio sales have really picked up now, especially 16vs as people realise what a car with good power and handling they get for their money.
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Just to add my thoughts, hardly any "older" Clios for sale in the Newcastle area, and the ones that do come up, usually attract a decent price!!
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Well certainly 16v and Willy have always depreciated pretty slowly. Even now youre looking at 4 grand for a good condition car almost ten years old.

Theres not many about so they hold their value well and people tend not to sell them on very soon.