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LAD Cup conversion

Spoke to a guy at LAD the other day to get info on the upgrade. They modify the head, port and polish etc. plus a few other things i have now forgotten all for £1200 +vat to get 200bhp. They also offer as part of the deal a before and after RR session so you can see how much difference the mods have made.

They are based in Lancs and have a modded Cup for people to drive before committing to the work.

Is this something worth looking at along with the R-sport ecu or would this make the car undrivable around town and general commuting?
  320d M Sport


thats all im saying. Never drove one of their cars BUT ive heard stoires....

Thats why I asked.

If i lived local to them i would go & test drive theirs. If they RR the car before modding and then after, you will see the gains wont you! This guy was pretty sure on 30bhp+ thats why they do the RR.

If it only worked out at 15-20bhp gain then probably not worth it.

Its ment to be 220 isnt it i live 30mins from them but to be honest there a bit dodgey my friend had his 205 done there and had lots of prodlems with it.

Dont do it mate!!!!

I have a Peugeot 206 and bought a suspension kit off L.A.D. Upon fitting it I found a lot of probs. When I started investigating it turned out they werent for a 206 but a Citroen ZX and rears for a 205 which are a lot shorter. When I complained to L.A.D they basically said they were for a 206 and if I didnt like it......he would see me in court.

Through my experience in Suspension Engineering I was easily able to get a case together and took him to court and WON!!

Even in court he was comparing himself to John Cooper Cars for the Mini stuff. How I didnt burst out laughing I dont know. They are like Chalk and Cheese. JC Cars are backed by BMW....who is L.A.D backed by....... Chocolate Fireguard Motors.

There are loads of horror stories about them from the Peugeot and Citroen boards.

Another one was a VTS that had 140bhp before and L.A.D promised 170+bhp after their conversion. £1400 later the car was RR and there was a 1BHP gain. Yes a 1BHP gain for £1400.

Save your money and take it to a "proper" engine tuning place.