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LAD Motorsport. No more Renault stuff.

  RenaultSport clio 172 mk2
Just for info really guys and gals.!

LAD Motorsport no longer does anything Renault. Everything else mind..!

Spoke to them the other day.Really nice guy ended up chatting for quite some time. But the b'all and end'all of it is. That there Renault dude has left.

Shame really did some good work and great service to.

O well, just thought i would spread the word.
Lol only sentence where you would find 'LAD' and 'Renault' together would be if it also included the word 's**t'.
  106 GTi
No more of Ernie's magic dust? shame - maybe he will stop sprinkling it in Peugeots etc aswell soon.