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  1. paul-h

    paul-h's PH2 172 Motorsport project

    Hi folks, Fairly new here! Recently bought a 172 ph2 non cup in Monaco Blue! Seen the car on Facebook marketplace and made the trip to somewhere near Morpeth from Glasgow to pick it up! Took my trolley jack and some basic tools along just in case. When we go there I jacked it up and noticed...
  2. Dan hood

    Car setup for track

    If you,re looking to take to the track for either track days or racing then go have a read of the articles on this website, they give some really good information on how different things may change the characteristics of your car. Take a look.
  3. Don

    Severn Valley Motorsport Breakfast Meet - Sun 1st November 08:00

    Together with Severn Valley Motorsport on Sunday the 1st of November we are arranging a breakfast meeting which will more than likely be the last chance before the winter sets in. We are inviting as many as possible, we have some vintage, Classics and performance cars arriving. Many Gtr's and...
  4. R

    Pure Motorsport top mount bearings

    Hi guys - looking for a bit of advice with my newly purchased Clio 182. I bought it from a member on here and in the ad and during sale @matty1995 mentioned that there was the odd knock from one of the front dampers. I've been tinkering and had the car jacked up looking around and looking at...
  5. MarcB

    BG Motorsport **TROPHY OWNERS**

    Had sent a shock absorber down to BG to have a look and i was speaking them reading work and i was asked to "Spread The Word" As the motor sport session has now passed BG can now offer a much quicker service and turn around time for Trophy Sachs / Ohlins shock absorbers rebuilds. They are now...
  6. roachy1994

    pure motorsport

    Can someone who works for pure motorspots mail me please :)
  7. IainMac

    Pure Motorsport Racing Precision Gear Linkage Kit

    Is this too hardcore for road use? My 182 Trophy has a little slack in the gear shift and looking for solutions. The car is used for 90% road use with the odd trackday thrown in. Would this kit be a bad idea for a road car?
  8. Ash J

    Various Car/Motorsport Pics

    Happened to stumble across this page (below) when I was browsing Google Images for BMW 2002 Turbo's. Just thought I would share, as there is a massive collection of cool pictures I think. And it seems endless, haven't browsed through them all myself yet, but have 'right clicked and saved as' a...
  9. kitney

    Vibrations after fitting pure motorsport lower mount and decat

    Ive recently fitted a pure motorsport lower mount to my 172 along a with miltek decat. Now, when the car is under load, especially when the front end goes light there is a serious vibration. From what i can see, The manifold to downpipe flange is touching the subframe, From having a quick search...
  10. ChrisR

    Some 70s motorsport snaps

    So after way too many years of not getting around to it I've started to scan in some of the motorsport pics my father took back in the mid 70s. There aren't many in the set of prints I have, and only done a couple to start with. I've got 3 boxes of pictures and negatives to sort through at...
  11. P

    Pure Motorsport GRP Bonnet & GRP Boot

    Anyone had any experience with these ? They look quite reasonably priced.
  12. stacky

    Pure Motorsport Gear linkage kit ? Help

    Fitting everything correctly so I believe , given up tonight No matter what rig position I put the sleeve in I can get it in reverse at all it just doesn't want to go , going to have to take cat and heat shield off again tomorrow maybe something stopping it but can't hear a banging ? Anyone had...
  13. Tim.

    Pure Motorsport Solid Top Mounts & Strut Brace

    The Sachs might well be going off for a refurb soon so I was thinking what else should be replaced when they go back on the car - top mounts is probably a good idea, which led me to consider the PMS kit. I cover ~4,000 fast-road miles a year, the car has Cooksport springs and a Whiteline RARB...
  14. M

    PureMotorSport ITB kit

    Hi, has someone seen the new PureMotorSport ITB kit? What ecu have they used with ITB? I don't think the std one! The power seems lower than other bolt on kit (Ktec, Jenvey) with std engine but the torque seems higher!
  15. W

    Pure Motorsport Generator Pully

    Hi, i Need help from. I mounted the Aluminium pully from pure Motorsport as written in the Manual without any spacer to the geranerator. Could someone post a Picture where i can see the distance between pully and Generator? Would be a great help. Thanks.
  16. CallyTeee

    SOS Motorsport

    Anyone ever delt with them before? been offering live maps at a fair price. Based in falkirk. Seen a few things on there facebook page and a few cars I recognise from Knockhill use them.
  17. A

    Forza Motorsport 6

    This is about all else I can see atm.. The picture above was posted on the Forza facebook page with no other details. Just hope they don't rush this one and pick things back up like in FM4. Looks like they may...
  18. samuels

    Clio Motorsport Half Wrap?

    I hope this is the correct section to post this in, but I'd just like to know peoples opinions on where to get some sort of motorsport half wraps/vinyls, and what kind of price they payed etc. This will be for my track car for next year! Cheers Cheers
  19. G

    2014 Motorsport ends here... 2015 begins

    With the FIA awards this week, that's the European series all concluded. But that doesn't mean you're short of cars circulating for glory. This weekend is the final meeting if the Aussie V8 series and although Whincup had the title all wrapped up last month, there ar still some arguments to...
  20. cliosport-carl

    Show us your Pure motorsport bits

    After looking at the aircon delete kit all day and other bits on PMs website I really do like there stuff and the way it looks I have the top mount and strut brace kit and love it as mentioned am looking to get the aircon kit soon what have people got that looks cool from PM
  21. frayz

    Pure Motorsport or BTM catback?

    As above, Stock daily driven 182, now covered 73K on the OEM exhaust. To be fair theres nothing wrong with it, yet. However im aware it wont last forever. Im leaning towards the BTM item as it looks better quality, but is the Pure system better? Anyone own either care to share your thoughts?
  22. C

    pure motorsport engine mounts anyone used these any good?
  23. A

    Pure Motorsport Top mounts - Preloaded bearings questions.

    So I've had some Pure Motorsport solid top mounts on my daily DCi since November (Circa 20k miles) and I've recently noticed some odd noises from the front suspension. Had a few bits off tonight and noticed I have a visable amount of movement in the bearing (up/down mostly) so looks like I'm due...
  24. M

    Euro cup clio Motorsport live at 14:40

    As above on motors tv from the nurburgring
  25. Stu172cup

    Pure Motorsport & Powerflex wishbone

    Planning a Winter overhaul of the track shed , i know its june but want to know what budget il be looking at im getting the shocks refurbed and was thinkin of a refresh of the bushes and the like ive been looking at the pure motorsport front subframe kit , and the powerflex black kit was...
  26. Dan

    Pure Motorsport Hillclimb event 13th of July!!!

    Our southwest (Padstow) based Renault Sport specialist Pure Motorsport, ( is showcasing it's new highly modified Clio sport in Cornwall on July the 12th and 13th at the Lostwitheil based castle Hillclimb. I am looking to see who is...
  27. S

    Gold Motorsport wheels

    I've just bought a Monaco blue 172 Has anyone ever fitted any say gold speedline turini alloys ? I was thinking of fitting gold wheels to give it a bit of a Williams look? Cheers
  28. W

    Keevil 9th june motorsport events track day

    Taking my shared standard 172 cup down with my dad to see if anything falls off before I book up for the rest of the year. Anyone else going? Usually see a couple of Clios there.
  29. Martin.

    Blink motorsport of the south?

    Just thinking about ideas for when I eventually get my ASTs fitted. Where to take the car for a proper set up etc. Can anyone recommend anywhere in the South. Ideally as close to Surrey as possible. Had originally planned to use Mark Fish but it's just a bit far away for me. So basically...
  30. Ph1 Tom

    Pure Motorsport beam strengthening kit

    I'm getting some AST coilovers soon and with the rear being a full coilover I was considering getting the PMS rear beam kit. The questions I have are:- Is it worth it? Do I need it? I use the car on track and I'm looking to start competing next year, I won't be racing but I'm going to start...