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last nights races

bored at uni so thought i would tell everyone about the thursday night cruise i went to. lots of clios turned up and we got moved on by the police. any way, on the way to mcdonalds i was having some fun with a R5 GTT and what seemed to be a dog sierra(badged up as a GLS) catching them both on the roundabouts and then being left by them! got to a set of lights with this dog sierra behind me, lights went green, i booted it and moved over to see what he had BAAANNNGGGG he shoots past:eek: with a cloud of black smoke from his exhaust. spoke to him later and hes only dropped a cossie lump in;)! got to the multi storey car park where we race, first car i race....subaru impreza! and i beat it:D, only to find out it wasnt a turbo:cry:, then raced some novas, bravos, puntos and unbeatena t this stage when my mates VTS wants a race. according to him, his VTS is one of only 20 played with by LAD motorsport and he has 170bhp from cams, head work chip etc. this guy killed me in first without traction then pulled awy further in second:(hat to think what would have happened if the drag strip was any longer as it could have been embarassing. called it a night after racing my mates 20v turbs a couple of times,first time i got a poo start and he nailed me, second time i managed to stay with him but still lost. all fun and games hey?

i saw ya there mate i was in the tungy grey r5 was a good night in the multi storey i also raced the saxo couldnt get much traction when i got in 2nd gear he dint pull away but it beat me :( i didnt get chance for another race with it then i turned my boost down to get more traction to race the 20v coupe turbo n it was a ded heat that car was mental it sounded like darth vader screaming.:devilish:

How quick is the VTS? stupid fast, i sat in with him for a race and he just bounces it off the limiter in first then only gets traction in second. your GTT looks VERY quick, shame about the traction. how do you compare to the blue GTT that was racing? i can stay with him all the way and have to come off throttle at high speeds to stop going into his back bumper!

the strip isnt really long enough to get a real idea of speed, more take off and gear change but this VTS was silly quick, beat my mates fiat coupe 20v turbs, kennys GTT, infact no car there could beat it. (not really saying much tho)

Manchester. Adiclio16v, Col004, Kelly and some others from this forum came down and think they will be again, the more the merrier!!!!

Damn those Saxos mate. Are they easy to tune unlike the 16v [dont know what the LAD conversion is] ? Theres a couple round my way and want to know what to expect !! By the sounds of it I shant bother !

the blue 5turbo is only runnin standard boost 7psi mines runnin about 15 ish thats why i had to turn it down in the multistorey better traction, i have never raced his car though im puttin my 15s for next week so i should be able put up a good fight against that saxo:devilish:

think the LAD conversion is head,cams,polished inlet and outlet and cchip to match. even in standard trim they are quick as craggy demonstrated. they are easier to tune from what i have heard. some guy in manchester reckons he can get them pushing 148bhp with no mods, just playing with cam timing. read that filter and exhaust can see big gains also. i hate saxos and am having a complete engine makeover that will hopefully blow away most fast VTSs, 170bhp or not.

might strip mine out(spare wheel,back shelf,jack,burger boxes etc.:)) and run 15s next week, see if it makes any difference at all. might even wind my coilovers a bit lower for sh*t hot take offs!

go for it matey someone has to beat that damn saxo im gonna get rid of my spare wheel ive just put my sub n amp in the boot out of my 16v so theres a bit of weight in there. burger boxes and ive been led to believe its a clean 16v :)
  2012 WRX Waggon

where bouts in manchester - might pop down and bring my cam. Our kid might come along with his 21 turbo.

everyone meets up at the stanley green industrial estate in wilmslow then at about 11 its on to mcds in stockport then on to the multistorey to at least 1am thats where the majority of the racing is :D

Wish I could come too mate, although by the sounds of it Id get whooped by 75% of the cars there !!!! [maybe 80 !]

meet at stanley green. i actually work in sale, very close to altrincham and could meet you before and make our way down? OR you just get on m60 at altrincham, come off at the cheadle exit and i can meet you thaere as i do with Adi?

The pelican? my dads pizza shop is opposite sale town hall, next door to MET station. usually leave sale at about 7.30/8
  2012 WRX Waggon

yep, know the spot (worked at tesco in my youf) - could meet at the citreon showroom on the main drag if u like, bit easier than the town centre.

Pelican is the big pub on the left before the college (south traff)

know the pub, shall we meet at the shell garage just before the M60 slip road(next door to citroen garage) say 7.45 on thursday?

What car will you be in? i will be in my black 16v!
  2012 WRX Waggon

yep good idea - dont really wanna venture into enemy territory!! lol

Ill be in a Iceberg 172 Mk2 - Yep 7:45 sounds great.