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Live ISO connection

spent sunday installing my alpine head unit and mulitchanger into the 172, configured it the same way that it was in the V6 and cant seem to get a live connection from the ISO, so every time i turn the ignition on it has lost all the stations and starts the cd from the beginning. In the ISO connector block, the power from the car meets the live wire from the alpine. I can bypass the block but need to know which wire to break into. Is it the pinky coloured one with a darker stripe in?

Anyone else come across this problem?

Yup. Sounds like you have the accessory supply (turns on with the ignition) connnected to the permanent live input of the head unit, thus your head unit has no voltage supply to the memory when the ignition is off.

Check with a multimeter if your not sure.

Cheers lads, been messing tonight and found the combination - although i ended up having a permanant live which kept the clock on all the time! and i found out my pre-outs are knackered.....