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182 Track car - Yet another immobiliser light staying on

  172 Ph2 and 182Ph2
Ph2 182

Car was running prior to the engine coming out. Put it back in and the immobiliser light staying on. Turns over for 3 seconds and stops.

1. Earths checked and replaced gearbox strap.

2. Small black engine bay relays and bases replaced.

3. Wires from ECU striped back and continuity tested.

4. Engine bay fuses all good with continuity across them.

5. Tried linking out the fuel pump and engine control relays.

6. SnapOn diagnostic won't connect to the engine control unit (Probably as ecu not powered up)?

Light still on! As it's a track car is the any way to bypass this by powering up or treating any specific ecu or UCH pins?

Cheers, Andy


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  Clio 182
Very difficult to identify what’s up. Try turning ign on, then unlpluggimg main white plug in engine fuse box then reconnecting. This should put light out

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  172 Ph2 and 182Ph2
Tried that and still the same.
The power wire from fuse 3 (the ECU power wire) was corroded through! Cut it back reconnected it and the light is still on🙈

Philip Griffiths

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I had a very very similar problem after my battery went flat. Had a guy come and do mine. He had to reprogram the body control module as it had lost the data from the immobiliser. Took him about 30 minutes or so.

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Philip Griffiths

ClioSport Club Member
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Do you know if he used CLiP or was he a mobile auto electrician

He is a mobile auto electrician. But he does mapping etc. He used launch I believe. But you should be able to use clip to do it.

Your fault sound identical to mine. I checked everything you did. And it all came back good.

He did say depending on what ecu it was then you can take the immobiliser out.

But my 182 couldn’t be done. It had to have the signal for it to run. That’s what he told me anyway

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  172 Ph2 and 182Ph2
Thanks for that. I know a local diagnostics and "mapper" so hopefully he can check and reprogram👍.
Will update when carried out for the benefit of the group.
  172 Ph2 and 182Ph2
Update on the immobiliser light staying on. Took the engine loom out of the car (quite easy!) And noticed that the earth to the rear of the gearbox was green. Cut and crimp a new terminal on and the light now goes out.
One earth that I obviously didn't check when in the car d🙈.
Thanks all for the help😊👍