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Love ’those’ wheel’s!!

Ive just seen a 172mk 2 silver with cup wheels, lowered, clear repeaters, private reg and polished to within an inch of its life in Safeways car park..

So I thought Id sit in my car and wait for the owner say hi and tell them about the club...

Out came, an old couple with their grand kids, and started loading their shopping in the boot!!!

I went and said hi, and the lady told me that it was her baby and she loves the car :D!!!!!

Wow what a nice looking 172!!! Go granny, Go granny!!!:cool:
  Tappd'd RS

Thats a great story, you dont often hear of those "older" people being into hot hatches or modifying.

That reminds me, a see a woman everyday on my way to work, she must be 65ish driving a Nissan Pulsar GTiR!!! My dads always joking to me that she went to the dealer to buy a Sunny and the guy sold this one without her really knowing what it is! The fastest Ive seen it go is about 45mph!

Woman round here, must be 70odd, has a New shape Supra.. hmm, Mint as. White and its ALWAYS shining nicely.. never ever seen it dirty!